Roush Wheel Advice...

So I recently bought a pair of 99-04 Saleen wheels in 18X9 with the intent of buying a pair of 18X10 for the rear. I come to find out that the 18X9 pair that I bought, have the 12mm rear offset (I thought the 18x9s were all the same). Am I screwed here? I was thinking of maybe sending them out and having them widened to a 10.5 or so, and then buying the 18X9s with the correct 25mm front offset. Would it be possible to widened them even with the current 12mm offset they have now?

Car is a 96 Cobra btw...

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Damn man you should have bought mine. 9's and 10's.

The guy has not picked them up yet. Hit me back in a few days and I'll let you know if he takes a pass.

Seriously. To answer your question you can have them widened. I have done it. It cost me $175 per wheel. Don't know if it is worth it in your case as the set of wheels I widened did not come in the size I wanted. I'd re-sell them and do it right.