Wheel choice

I'm looking into some new wheels in the next month or two. I used photoshop to lower my car like it will be (springs are on the way!) and to see what the wheels would look like. I'm stuck between the Hypercoated FR500 and the Anthracite Saleens... However I'm really leaning towards the Saleens. They'll be easier to clean, show off the Cobra brakes better, look 'cleaner.' :) What are yall's thoughts and opinions? What's the difference between Anthracite and Hypercoat?


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As much as I am biased on loving the FR500's, on your car I think the saleens take the win. As for coatings, all I know is the anthrocites are painted, I'm not suer about hypercoating... isn't it like a shiny clear powdercoating? Actually I think black-chrome would look good too, but probably more expensive.
If the wheels were the same scale then the Fr500's would be the best choice IMO. In your pics the saleens appear to have a slightly larger diameter and thus look a little better on your car in the pics.
Stephane- I love the FR500's too, but when I 'chopped the Saleens on there, it started turnin gears in my head!

Paul- I tried getting them to look like 18's, but I kinda rushed through the process... I did this to silver/hyper/black FR500s, the Saleens, and black deep dish 95 Cobras with the fake rivet thingys (didnt look good). I was getting sorta restless :rolleyes:

I'll send an email to OE Concepts to see what the differences are and post up the answer. I might get the wheels from them... They put pictures of my 68 on their website, I'd be neat to get the 95 on there as well!!!

EDIT: they don't make Saleen wheels??? :bs:

And, if anyone wants me to try out wheels on their car, or lower it, I'd be more than happy to do it!