When should I buy?


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Dec 17, 2004
So I have been saving for about a year now to get a decent down payment for my stang, up to close to 9k now.

Recently I switched jobs, and became eligable for the X-plan. This is an added bonus. How much should I be saving on this?

So my big question is, should I order the 05, or wait for the 06. I have been talking to a dealer, and he said that the stang I want would be a factory order taking about 6-8 weeks.

is it worth it, or should I consider waiting for the 06?

I was hoping for the GT, but that may be a slight bit over my price range, so right now I am thinking a premium 6cyl.

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If the dealer tells you 6 to 8 weeks then I'd recommend you plan for a 12 to 16 week wait. 05 GT's will likely be difficult if not impossible to get at this point (unless, of course, it happens to be sitting on the lot).

If you're thinking that a V-6 is more in line with your budget than your wait will likely be shorter. Heck you may even find one comparable to your wants on a dealer lot. In any event, with summer upon us, I wouldn't recommend waiting too much longer before ordering. These cars are hot right now and demand is outstripping supply. If you want one, I'd go get it (of course thats just me)!
I would not order one period....find yourself one on a lot....get on google...and type in Ford Dealerships and your state.....you should get a huge list....call everyone of them.....and find your car....if they don't have it...try the next state over....if you search you will find it. I had one on order for 31k....I did some research and found the exact options i ordered on a GT in Texas and for sticker...having it shipped over. Also ebay has tons of Stangs...from dealers and some are priced right...others are ridicolously expensive. Point being...your car is waiting for you..you just need to find it. :nice: