When to Replace Brake Components

Like most projects, the more I read up on brakes the bigger the project gets. I'm working on my son's 89 5.0 LX and my original plan was to replace the rotors and pads up front, rebuild the drums out back, and flush and bleed the fluid. I got to thinking that since the car is 34 years old, it would be a good idea to change the hoses, so I added that to my list. Now I'm wondering if I should replace the calipers and master cylinder as well. The car hasn't been on the road since I bought it in 2018 and I have no idea what was done to it by the previous owners. Since everything I've touched so far has been stock, I'm thinking not a lot was done. Is it a good idea to replace the calipers and master cylinder or am I overthinking things?
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Bigger question is why not go ahead and convert it over to the 94-98 five lug brakes now instead of spending money on a brake system that was not really up to the task then and is definitely not even close to the brakes on a newer Honda Civic? I understand it would require new five lug wheels (dime a dozen) but these cars were terribly under braked new and by today's standards are beyond terrible. The brakes off a 94-98 V6 and GT are the same and if you really want it to stop get the 99-04 PBR dual piston front calipers which came stock on the V6 and GT cars.

Now that I have said that I would replace the calipers, wheel cylinders, and only the MC if it proves to be a problem when bleeding the system or if you cannot get a solid pedal. Reman calipers and new wheel cylinders are cheap insurance. If you are going to replace the flexible rubber lines to the front calipers then don't forget the one over the center of the rear end for the rear brakes.
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I think it you want to drive this car spiritedly, now is the best time for upgrading to 94_ 04 cobra disc all around.
Take it from a guy who did it both ways. All the info is available and so are used parts.
The evolution of brakes on my Coupe were Fox V8 brakes, 94-98 V6/GT brakes with 99-04 PBR calipers and ABS out of a 94 GT, and the current set up is the 94-98 Cobra set up.

I will say that I noticed about zero difference when I upgraded to the Cobra size brakes over the V6/GT setup other than brake fade and you have to be doing some serious back to back braking events to notice it.

If the car is going to see track events then I’d say the upgrade is worth it but for a street car I would just invest in better than stock compound pads unless you just want the look of the Cobra brakes which I will say is pretty nice.
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