Where does the front carpet end?


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Dec 10, 2003
Ok, I'm having some problems getting the front part of my new carpet to fit right. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the 45 pounds of sound dampening that has been applied to the floor of my 67 coupe :)

Anyway, does anyone have a picture of where the carpet should end on the driver's side? Meaning does it curl up the steering column, end before it, etc? Thanks!
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I just went out and looked at mine and its just touching the bottom of the column. Its kind of a Pita to get it to fit right. Just do it on a warm day and take your time. I think i started at my seat risers and worked forward.
I had to trim my carpet to fit around the steering column and accelerator pedal rod. I just layed it in place and trimmed a "U" shape out of the carpet.

I, also let the carpet go up the sides a couple of inches behind the kick panels. I used some spray adhesive to get the carpet to stay on the vertical surfaces.