Where to find NEW T-5???


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Mar 30, 2005
North Carolina
I need a new tranny a.s.a.p. This car is my DD. I kinda wanted a G-Force, but I think it's a little steep, especially since I will never see that much power in my car. TKO's and T-56 is out too, because so many parts are needed for the swaps. I see the WC T-5's everywhere for 79-93 cars, but not 94-95. Does anyone know where I can get the 94-95 and get it FAST?

Also, what gears should I look into getting? Is the 2.95 1st a good one? What about OD?
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i looked on ebay, and bought mine from a place called phenix transmissions, try to look them up, i got mine and it works great. altough i hate t-5's
gene maricle rebuilds t-5 tranny's. he is from chicago, he sent me one for $400 i think
it was really cheap and he did a good job
his number is
563 529 4961
i hope its ok with him that i send him some more business