Wheres the 2.3 to 5.0 swap tech page?


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Mar 2, 2004
Halifax NS. Canada
I'm new to the 5.0 section. I am planning to swap my 2.3 to a 5.0 in the future, and I was wondering where I might find a detailed article on what I need to replace besides the engine its self, such as wiring, ECC, exhaust, motor mounts and stuff. Also since I'm on the swap subject. I'm soon going to be replacing my A4LD tranny with a T5 and will the T5 be fine for the 5.0L once I get it? Thanks for your help
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The 4 cyl and 5.0 t-5 is not the same, 4 cyls are weaker and the imput shaft is a different size, no pilot bearing is going to work the 4 cyl is too small. Also you definately want a parts car if you can, otherwise you will be at the junkyard constantly. You will want almost 5.0 everything, motor, trans, front brakes and calipers, rear-end, engine wiring, dash wiring, clutch cable, these are all things that are upgraded on a five-oh.
2.3 to 5.0 swap

hey, I have a 93 LX with a 2.3L, and a 5 speed.I want to do a 5.0 swap. I was woundering about the price range it might cost and is it a real problem to swap the 2 engines? I know the tranny, rearend and wiring has to be changed, but what else?