Which Brand?


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May 5, 2010
Houston, Tx
I was looking at 3 sets of subframe connectors on American Muscle, I noticed that the J&M ones are on sale for $69 dollars and that peaked my interest. However after reading some of the reviews I'm kind of hesitant to get them... I looked at the MM ones and they seem to be really good ones to get, but are a little more than the others. I also looked at American Muscles in house brand SR and they got favorable reviews. So I was wondering from those of you who have sub frame connectors, which one do you recommend to get? Im fairly set on the MM ones because they look a lot better than the others, and the reviews are really good on them.

Thanks guys
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MM parts are GREAT, and given the choice I almost always go with them, but really, sub-frame connectors are just pieces of square tubing. Having them put on correctly is probably much more important than what company cut up the tubing and shipped it to you. ;)
I finally got my MM subs, as a Christmas gift to myself!

So get this I went to a performance shop this morning to have them install them. The guy who owns it was bad mouthing what I bought, he kept saying that they were too heavy, would be overkill on my car and are not a good set. He tried to sell me some half assed looking ones that he "made" and mentioned that I should return them to American Muscle. Turns out the ones that he was trying to sell me were bought from my buddies job who sells parts to the performance shops around town.:rolleyes:

I began to question if I had indeed wasted my money but I know you guys and a lot of ppl that reviewed them on AM love and swear by these. My problem now is to find a shop that will install them correctly and for a good price. I found another shop nearby that would do it for $200, I was going to try the local muffler shop next to see if they would do them for less. So my question is how much is appropriate to pay for them to be installed?