Engine Which compressor do I get for a r134a conversion car


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Aug 17, 2020
My car has a Freon leak and I did a uv leak test and the compressor is the only thing leaking. It will need to be replaced. My car has a sticker on the fan that it was converted to r134a. Can I just get the one that comes up on rock auto for the car or does it need to be a special one since it’s running r134a. This was the compressor I was going to get I don’t want the black one.


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Ok good to know thank you. Do you know if I would have to add any more oil to the system? The compressor comes pre oiled so can I just remove the old one and put in the new one and be good on oil?

I can’t answer that definitively. R134 won’t mix with mineral oil. If any gets in the system it just finds the lowest point of the system and camps out there.

You might be ok just using it to lube the seals since it’s a minor amount and there shouldn’t be any traveling.

Your call really.