Which is harder on the short block - supercharger or h/c/i?


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Sep 22, 2004
Which is harder on a stock short block, a supercharger or an h/c/i?

It seems that a Vortech kit (or procharger) and an h/c/i kit will get you fairly close to or at the 300 hp mark, especially with appropriate other mods. So I was wondering which would push a stock bottom end harder. Assuming in either case, the car is properly tuned.

I realize there may be no "right" answer to this, but I am wondering what the theories and arguments are.
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imo the vortech would be the hardest on your bottom end due to increased inlet temps elevating the chance of detonation, the h/c/i could be hard if you put a big cam that requires a bunch of r's and your always zingin the crap out of it. but all in all the h/c/i should be the least stressful, in theory cuz it all depends on the tune.
Hef5.0weisen said:
thought I read one time that S/C's were tough on the forward main bearing, due to the drivebelt tension. May be a myth, just thought I'd share. Good Luck

Not a myth. The belt tension does in fact put more than normal stress and wear on the first bearing.

And the extra pressure from boost puts stress on things as well.

Going the NA route is not without its probs as well cause you are working everything at a higher level due to the extra power that is being produced.

For the most part, on a street car combo......NA puts less stress on things.