Which Rack and Pinion do I need?


New Member
May 1, 2020
I have recently purchased a 1986 Mustang LX, original 4-cylinder car now V8 swapped with a 302 of sorts. i can tell they left the 4-cylinder springs cuz it sits kinda low and the springs are definitely not lowering springs, but that's not what im here for, i want to in the very near future replace the rack because it is leaking a bit, has play, and just doesn't feel "sporty" at all as its the standard 4-cylinder rack, plus it needs an alignment anyways.

so what im wondering is i see theres non-performance suspension and perf. suspension versions as well as one piece and 2 piece bushing types. Im assuming only 5.0 powered cars had the Perf. suspension and others didn't so i guess id need that if i want the tighter ratio, but also how do i tell the bushings? i wanna say i have the 2 piece but i if i get the wrong one does it matter?

should i get a 86 replacement or do a SN/NE rack? and if so is modification needed or any benefits gained? sorry for the long post but thanks for any help.
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