which RR's?


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Sep 4, 2001
Atlanta, GA (GA Tech)
Hello soon I am going to puting either AFR 165's or Edelbrock Performers on the ole stang along with a trick flow street heat intake and bbk 70 mm TB. I want to add some roller rockers as well but I dont know size to get. Should i get 1.6's or 1.7's? Is bigger better? And more importantly would i have any valve clearance problems if i got the 1.7's. I have a 95 gt with the stock short block and the stock valve cover right now but i can replace the covers if need be. I would appreciate any help as to which rockers i should get. Thanks.
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Oct 22, 2002
99.5% of the time 1.7's will make more power. Also you shouldn't have any clearance problems especially with a stock cam. You usually only run into clearance problems when you get into 300+* of duration.