Which shift kit?

I'm thinking about getting a shift kit to improve performance and longevity of my tranny, but I dont know whether to get the B&M shift improver kit, B&M transpak, or TCI kit. Which do you suggest? I've never touched a tranny before, so it needs to be easy. Also, I was thinking about a tranny cooler, is it worth the trouble?
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Founding Member
Oct 22, 2002
Tampa, FL
I think the tranny cooler is a good idea. If you can mount it away from heat like the radiator it can cool the fluid better. When I had an automatic I cut a hole in the radiator support to mount the cooler. Mounting it infront if the radiator will work.

Max Power

Active Member
Jul 31, 2003
St Paul
The base B&M kit just makes it shift hard. The Trans-Go kits give you all new springs and seems to coordinate the shifting events better, rather than just slamming gears.

I haven't tried the B&M stage 2, so I can't judge that one.