Who's fixed strut towers on these cars before?


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Aug 14, 2000
south jersey
This just got dropped off today. Will be my third time fixing rotted rails, just normal in the NE these days.... I've used an nos oem full apron before, and I used fox rails oe kit but its designed around early rails and has holes the 87-93 don't and you need to Fab a panel if the rot creeped up the tower other wise a good kit....

This car isnt to bad but the drivers rail is bulging from internal rot just below the strut tower, so might as well fix it and paint the engine bay.... its a run of the mill Gt I'll probably end up selling when I get bored of it. I'm not sure I want to waste an oem apron on it... These went out of stock then back in stock after I order it so I'm guessing there down to the last few NOS full aprons. So I'm thinking I should probably save this for a coupe or a better car in the future and just fab my own. Most repair kits you can tell when its been patched and they don't really follow the oem design, took some work to make fox rail kit look factory so I'm thinking about doing an internal sleeved splice on this one and just saving this for a better project car.
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I did it on my car.

Pass side was a simple patch so I used the scott rod kit.

Drivers side was bad enough I used a donor section off a 99-04 Mustang. About 2 feet of rail and bottom of tower along with some internal square tubing to reinforce it. Took a decent amount of work to get it in there.

I’m also not a fan of repairs that look obvious or not close to factory appearing. I prefer it to at least look close


I don’t think I’d use a NOS apron on a GT. I’d use that on something like a Saleen or cobra.
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The drivers side nos aprons have been in stock at npd for years, most people still bought used ones for more money or kits for just as much. There a little different then factory. if you know what to look at you can spot them. The lower rail is the easy part installing one, the 2 reinforcement on the top is the pita on a full apron, they don't come with them but no Fab work needed it just a ton of spot welds. I'm not a collector, special models are cars I avoid, there just another fox body to me, I'd do a clone before buying one lol. I do like my coupes so ill probably save it for one.

Yours is kind of what I had in mind as a spliced patch but just the rail vs cutting the tower and doing the full lengeth. figured rebuild the tower section how the factory did as it sits in side the rail, but sleeve it to the inside to the factory crush zone and lower rail at the firewall with plug welds where I can't reach. lap/ butt weld in a new outside rail section using the sleeve for penetration so I can grind the welds back. Not worried about strength there literally just 3 layers of spot welded sheet metal from the factory and the patch will be lap welds you just can't see from the out side.. I just hate that plated/ patched look.
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