Who's got one?


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Apr 20, 2004
Salt Lake City, Utah
I am in the market for a tranny and I am upgrading to a G-force. Now the question is who has the dog ring kit and drives it daily. The Mach isn't a daily driver but will see the majority of its use on teh street. I want to know what it is like to drive a dog ring tranny on the street and if I should go for it, or just get the helical synchro one.
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I've been reading up on these as well as the tko's and from what I've read, don't get the dog ring kit on a car that sees a lot of street duty. Everyone opts for the helical cut gears.
the question i think is are the dog rings reliable or is there a problem driving it on the street.

i get the feeling he just wants the toughest bad ass t-5 you can get and if it's noisy who cares so long as it can be beaten on and driven regardless of notchyness or noise..........if i were getting a g force and spending the money on that kit that would be my concern, otherwise i'd go with a 3550 or tko.....

hopefully i wont have to worry about that for along long time:D
It depends on why you want it. Does your car really go that fast and make that much power that a 600 horse TKO can handle it?? You do realize that you CAN NOT slow shift a dog ring at low rpm, its really made for high rpm pounding like a road course car, drag car or top speed car. No street car should be running a dog ring. And besides, like a gear drive, the gear whine would get old after awhile.
Wait so you cannot shift them at a low rpm? I cannot run a TKO because it has issues without trimming the tranny tunnel. So Gforce is the way to go, the thing I would like to avoid would be synchros, I don't want them to wear, see a dog ring one won't wear, but if it won't shift without me beating the piss out of it I don't know if I want it.
i think the dog ring is basically more of a non syncro type tranny. like, on the old ford trucks, their stick shifts, you couldn't down shift into first unless you were stopped because of the way the tranny was......

so i have a feeling maybe thats more how the dog ring ones act, very notchy downshifting...........i could be wrong though......:shrug:
The dogring tranny uses gears with a straight cut, and no synchro. Because of this they engage very tough since they dont synchronize. Shifting at a slow speed or slowly will cause them to grind, and it may not be too much fun downshifting either. Its a race tranny for high rpm high output vehicles. You can get a built T-5 with synchros and they are fairly tough. How much do you plan on driving this car. Because even if the synchros fail after 20,000 miles(which I dont know) thats like 4-5 years since you wont drive it much.