Why did my car do this? help


Jul 31, 2003
ok i removed my 70mm tb and put the stock tb back on. before i took the 70mm tb off the tps read .97 now i put the tps on the new one and it wont go below 1.18 at all it wont read low at all and when its at wide open throttle it reads 13.86 whats up with that i though 5v was the max? did somehow my tps go bad? im hoping its just a bad tps because i sat there for an hour trying to get it below 1.18 and couldnt no matter what when i put the 70mm on it went to .97 really easy. also i did disconnect the battery. how does a bad tps act?
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did you reset the ECU after changing the TB?
you need to let it re-learn your new TB. disconnect battery for 10 min re-connect and start car but DO NOT touch the gas when starting and let idle without touching the gas it takes about 15 mins for computer unit to learn.
that sounds werid... maybe this will help.. on my 5.0 i had to go as far as ovaling out the slot for the tps to get it to read correctly. thats all i right now

yeah the physical orientation of the TPS on the throttle body will change your voltage readings and such, so doing what he said and extending the slots on the TPS will allow you to tweak its position til the readings are right. But do make sure you reset the ECU first as described, and if the problem persists, do this.