Why do people cut drag springs??

The Fox

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Mar 30, 2005
Port Elizabeth
I got the eibach drag springs. Spent an entire hell of a weekend installing them. It sits high and might sit higher after aluminum heads but that's fine for me. It's all about weight transfer.

Here's why I don't get it. If people want that "street" look, why get drag springs and then cut the DRAG right out of it. It is like wasting $200-250. The only circumstance I can see it making sense in is the fact that you might not be able to install them. Yeah they are TOUGH to put in with cheap equipment but don't cut em for looks PLEASE. You might as well just put stock 4 cyl springs out back and call it a day.

Sorry for bitching.
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Well my moroso "Trick" Drag springs were made to be cut once they settle on the car. Without any cuts, the front end was about 3 inches higher than the back making it look weird. Still get all the weight transfer I could ever ask for.

I dont think all drag springs are created equal.
I could understand that. Eibachs aren't made to be cut though. I think the idea is to have the front CG (center of grav.) slightly higher then the rear CG so the momentus "weight" transfer goes from high to low as to "push" the rear tires to the pavement.
its about compimise of aerodynamics and launch. my cut morosos still jump up quick then settle down nice. but before i cut them the nose would stay up all the way down the track causing poor aerodynamics.