why does ebay have such a bad rep for parts?


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Sep 13, 2004
Miami, Ok
the majority of people claim the cheap ebay parts suck! i DISAGREE! i have bought a handful of things on ebay.

i bought a cheap cold air kit before. its good quality and worked great! its pretty much identical to the big brands. it was 30$ i saved over a hundred

i bought some UD pulleys on there also. GREAT quality and still have their black finish, no wear on them. i got these for 30$ also and saved over 50-70$

i bought some SFCs on ebay too. isnt too hard to make a SFC seeing how its basically a bar. i got these for 50$ and they fit up great and are just plain good, saved alot here also.

i bought a steel bearing retainer also. for 30$, saved some here and the quality was excellent.

people who hate ebay need to give it a try i have had great luck with cheap parts.
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Because SOME people out there make ****ty products and sell them therein. Classic case of bad apples ruining the bunch.

Exactly. The couple of ****ty sellers ruin the bunch.

My dad busted some guy selling Shelbys on eBay that he didn't own. My dad saw the car, knew he didn't own it (knew the owner elsewhere), got all the stuff he had saved, and turned him in to the police. FBI got involved and everything...crazy.

Personally, I just bought my latest eBay toy. It should be here in a week or so, I can't wait to install :)