why would you do this to a mustang???

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Well, they probably thought it was a good idea; and it could/should have been. Don't know what the "designer" :rolleyes: was thinking of, though....... the area between the rear door and the decklid looks like @$$; and the interior can best be called "expensive ghetto". I could have come up with a better sillouhette and classier interior; and I have all the artistic talent of a blind ground squirrel. :nonono:
That one pops up on ebay on a fairly regular basis.
Prospective buyers don't like the looks of it either? :p

To be honest, I've seen (and we've all heard about) Mustang "works of art" that wre so trashed that they were unsafe to drive. With the way this "limo" looks; what mechanical shape is it really in? :rolleyes:

Oh, hey, by the way krash; gonna do the brakes on the Lariat this weekend (if the parts come in). Can't wait to see how it goes; and I'm a little leary of what tools I'm gonna find out that I don't have for the truck.....