whys my car so slow?

At my last track outing i went 14.1@98 mph witha 2.0 60' time. why is my car so slow? my mods are in the sig excluding fuel pump but including intake. Could the o2's cause this problem? the car runs great and has no mechanical problems.

thx in advance!
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my 60' times werent to great but i drove great and this is all i could muster. dont you think it would be faster with these mods? also one of my friends has a nearly stock 5.0 and i barely pull him from a punch so i know something must be wrong. I just dont know what it could be. How do the do0e 351 windsor heads compare to an e-7? could this be my problem?
So you're saying you ran with stock fuel system (pump and injectors), but with the intake? Hard to say how those heads will perform....porting can really screw up heads of not done properly.
Guys, it's not the traction or 60ft. time, a bone stock mustang can run 98 mph in the quarter. So this time it's the car not the driver.

I have no idea why though, timing and fuel pressure could be an issue.
If your o2's are screwed up that could be a problem.
What's the timing and FP at?
i didnt think O2s were used at WOT. Like one mentioned i would get it dyno tuned. That way you know what kinda power you're accually putting down and what A/F you're running. You would be super rich, you could be super lean, both of which will rob power tremendously.
87 5.0 mustang

hey i have a question i have aod transmission w/ shift kit, 2400 stall converter, and b&m ripper shifter, 5.0 stock block, gt40 heads port and polish, ford svo 1.6 roller rockers, cobra upper and lower intake with 1" phenolic spacer, 19 lbs injectors, 65mm throttle body, bbk cold air kit, and 73 mm mass air, and plished aluminum underdrive pullies, 3:73 gears, i run a 13.48 at 104 mph with street tires the car doesn't spin. if i leave on a dead stop, or if i am rolling like 2 km/hr, my car will not spin at ALL, why is that, and i bougha bbk fuel pressure regulator today, will that do anything for me, i am not sure if i am loosing power, my car runs a little to rich, just wondering on how to fix that.
Just a couple Ideas that helped me. My first time out I ran a best of 14.38 at 98.mph with a 2.473 60 foot time. that was shifting at 5500 rpms. I run ported e'7s a t-moss ported stock intake Bcam headers and Jacobs ignition with 2.73 gears.
Second outing I changed my base timing to 18*(with 110 oct cam2 gas) adjusted tps to .98(changed Idle first) Droped tire presure to 28psi and shifted at 5000-5200 and ran 14.2 at 102.11mph with a 2.24 60foot. Next time I should be able to drop into the 13's with a set of M&H Drag radials.
5.0fox said:
is there something in my combo that would make me lose power?

A bad tune, valvetrain geometry issues.. have you done a compression test? What length pushrods are you running? Also you may want to bump your timing a bit, try 14* and see what happens. If you're still running stock injectors with that h/c/i combo, you're just asking for lean problems.. throw a set of 24's in there or at least bump the fuel pressure for now.

EDIT: I'm confused, did you still have the stock intake on when you ran those numbers?
I didn't see if the heads were ported or not but I would think that maybe a 2.02 intake valve with the mods you have are killing your intake velocity. Sounds like a good combo other than that. Check with TMOSS and see what he thinks of the head combo. It seems he is the master of these theories. I just have a feeling that it is the heads. Just too much for the rest of the combo.
Agreed. Sounds like you need a good tune. If the fuel pump is stock, switch walbro 255 and go to 24lb injectors. That will help you're fuel flow. If you're pushing all those mods with stock pump and injectors, you're simply not getting the fuel you need. I've seen this happen on several setups. Once that change was made, a huge difference in HP was made also. Good Luck!
I would check if there are any codes, (some codes will not turn on your cel), maybe do a compression check (see if the engine in ok condition, or your valvetrain set correctly), and check for vacuum leaks. If you did your own work, double check everything, and I would run more timing and play with your fuel pressure. (every car is different, but I run 14deg, and 44psi, my car likes the fuel for some reason) I didn't see an intake on your list, just your future, I know you are losing a good amt of power if your running the stocker with that setup. Maybe check voltage to your maf or clean it. Just my opinion.