Wierd noises coming from under my car


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Jun 13, 2007
These are issues that I've had since I bought the car back in February but haven't been able to resolve them yet. The noises are as follows:

1. A clicking noise coming from the front of the vehicle (mostly the passenger side) when I'm slowing down at low speeds, and it goes away when I press the brake pedal. No problems with the brakes themselves and the ABS works properly. Rotors and pads are nearly new, and there's no rubbing of the tires in the fenderwells.

2. A noise coming from the front that I could best describe as the jingling of small ballbearings in a tin can when I go over speed bumps or hit a pothole. The last few days I've also been hearing a mild clunk. I've already recently replaced inner/outer tie rod ends, ball joints, steering rack bushings, and end links. These cured the bumpsteer and the car now pulls up straight under braking instead of pulling to the left so those two issues were resolved, but not this one. My exhaust is catless so it's not loose material inside cats causing the jingling sound.

3. A howling/moaning sound that's most pronounced at about 50-60mph, and becomes higher-pitched when I go faster. I sometimes feel the moaning sound transmitted through the steering especially when I'm turning a left corner but also when I'm driving in a straight line. The sound is hard to localize making it more difficult to diagnose, but it's definitely not the wheel bearings 'cause there's no noise when I spin the front wheels and the car's jacked up. The rear diff was recently rebuilt with new bearings and 3.73 r&p with the backlash correctly set, and the same noise was there even before this work was done.

I'm planning to have the front control arm and the front anti-sway bar bushings replaced with urethane units but I'm not convinced that these will resolve all three issues above.
What else would you suggest?
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May 18, 2006
longwood, FL
1) sounds like shocks or brake pad hanging up(dragging)

2) I am almost certain your sruts need be replaced, and or control arm bushing is gone. I have that same clunking.:(

3) It could be front wheel bearings, or inproper setup on rear gears. My front wheel bearings squeak sometime from 10mph all the way up( but they dont make any noise below 10mph( plus there is no load on them when you turn them by hand so you can't really tell.)

And also I get a low grinding/ whirring noise from my gears:nonono: when pressing gas and even louder noise when coasting( I set them up wrong due to inaccuarate measurements:mad: )

Hope this helps.:flag:


Apr 26, 2006
nyc, ny
for the "jingling" - nails in a tin can check ur pullies that they are not hitting one another (this is if u have u/d that are larger in diameter than the stockers) doubt the stockers would ever reach eachother

i had my crank pulley hitting the water pump pulley when my harmonic balancer went bad


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Jan 27, 2003
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on that pulley note...my UD waterpump pulley is slightly warped and it was rubbing against my harmonic balancer. Took the pulley off and shimmed it out with some washers and now all is well.


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Jun 13, 2007
The pulleys are fine and the jingling noise is definitely suspension-related 'cause I can only hear it when I hit a speed bump or a potlhole. A strut or shock problem could be a possibility.
No grinding/whirring noises from my rear end gear either. The backlash was set to 0.010".


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Apr 17, 2006
For the howling sound, i'd look into front wheel bearings for sure, its that or you have a caliper that is sticking a little bit, but then it would probably pull to one side some at higher speed. A bad bearing might also be the cause of the low-speed clicking sound. As for the rattling sound, I don't really have any ideas for you. Maybe something loose in the engine compartment or under the fenders thats vibrating over bumps but shouldn't be :shrug:
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