Engine Will 02-04 C&L Plenum fit on my 2001 Mustang GT?


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Dec 17, 2019

I've been on the search for a C&L Plenum for my 2001 (early 01 stang) Mustang GT and I keep finding this one on americanmuscle.com showing as only 02-04 will be compatible and not the previous years, then I saw in the questions and answers section something about the vacuum line locations being different or something like that.... not sure if that's actually the case or not but will I be able to bolt this onto my stock 01? I'm finding good deals but don't know if it'll fit my car. The main difference seems to be the diameter of the tube line but how could would a bigger hose solve the issue? lost. SUPER THANKS IN ADVANCE.

Link to "newer" c&l plenum (apparently only fits 02-04 though)--> https://www.americanmuscle.com/cnl-intake-plenum-9604.html

Link to older c&l plenum that isn't available anywhere in the world (fits 96-01) --> https://www.americanmuscle.com/cnl-intake-plenum-9601gt.html

96-01 C&L.PNG
02-04 C&L.PNG
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I found out that all I needed was a 3/8" vacuum line hose for this to fit. The factory vacuum line for the pre-02s are 5/8" and so the line just slides right into the new 3/8" line. A trip to O'Reily Auto Parts and "hey, can I buy 1 foot of 3/8" vacuum line?" and they'll take you to the back where they have all the spools. Total cost should be about $1.50 and you really only need like 2 inches of the hose when you go to install the plenum. Is you are trying to fit a 02-04 C&L Plenum onto an older stang, I'd assume that it would just be the opposite of everything stated above.