Will 85 clutch assy fit into 95?


New Member
Jun 14, 2003
San Diego, CA
As some of you know, Im parting out my 85 because it really doesnt excite me in its current setup. So I'm swapping the rearend and the TKO into my 95. Later if I feel like it, I'l put one of my 460s in the 85. Anyways, doing the auto to manual conversion, will my 85 clutch pedal parts work in the 95 or do I need other parts? If I need something else, do you know of a company that sells those conversion parts cheap. I'll probably get the comp off Ebay, use all my drivetrain parts from the 85, and if I cant use the clutch pedal stuff I'll just call one of those mustang junkers in the 5.0 mags. Thanks
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