Will a 9 inch rear from a 68 Ranchero bolt up to my 67?


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Oct 9, 2001
There's a guy locally who is selling a 9 inch rear out of a 1968 Ranchero GT 390. I was wondering if it will bolt up to my 67 without any problems? Are the spring perches in the same locaiton? He is asking $250. Is this a good price? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.
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From what I read from all the 9" info provided in this forum, the rear end should be the same flange to flange but spring perches could be different. I would measure to be certain. My 2 cents on the 250 dollar price is it all boils down to condition of the unit and how much it would cost to have the spring perches relocated.
There is a rearend dimension chart in the July issue of Mustang and Fords magazine. It shows the flange to flange dimension the same at 59.375". the spring pads are 43" centerline to centerline for the mustang as previously mentioned. For the Ranchero spring pads are 41.25" centerline to centerline.
$250 sounds like a good price to me.
Beat me to it...
All the Rancheros had narrow spring pads.
Get the price down, then have the pads relocated... assuming the flange to flange is do-able for your year Stang.
The 'caruck' might be a good source for a factory posi and low gear. My 71 had a wierd gear... 3.28.