Window won't go up...


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Jan 16, 2008
New Jersey
So like it says.. My passenger window wont go back up.. It's always in the garage and I keep the windows open.. Yesterday I tried to bring it back up and it wouldnt do anything (like some wire is disconnected). After a few minutes I tried again, and it worked. Today the same thing happened, it wont go up. Everything else works but that. Neither the drivers side or the passenger side button will bring it up.

I'm going to take the door apart to see if any wires are loose, but are there any other ideas if that doesnt work out?


I took the door apart, didnt find any wites loose.. Went to try the window again, still wont work. Only now, the drivers side window doesnt go up either. I'm going to get a new fuse for it but I doubt thats it. I hid the wires on the drivers side of the engine yesterday, but I dont think they have anything to do with the windows?
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Its prolly the brushes in the motor. My vert did that one day. Rolled down it wouldnt go up. If you slammed the door it would sometimes go up. The solder joints on the brushes were loose. I took apart the motor found the problem and fixed it. Its easier to just replace the motor.
sounds to me like its the window switch on the drivers side...being that your having problems with both, the drivers side one does control both windows... i would jump out the switch to see if both windows work and get a switch if necessary.... i find it very doubtful that both window motors went bad at the same time...

also just another thought... im not sure where yours are grounded but you did mention some wire hiding you did... just double check all the grounds... hope this helps..

Well, still havnt fixed the problem.. Since one went, then a little after the other window went.. I'm guessing it is the window switch on the divers side. Is there anyway to test it before I go and spend money on a new one. Also, can I just buy the up and down switches? when I took it apart, that seems to be all that controls it.
It's gotta be the switch, from my experience; when the drivers side switch is disconected then the pass side switch wont work at all.

I agree, thats the first thing I thought too.. But when I took the switch apart, I noticed that each switch (left window, right window, lock/unlock) are individual. The rest of the piece is just holding the wires in place. That means that both left and right window switchs had to go bad.. So thats whats making me sceptical of it..
Lol.. Well i'm waiting for friday for another friend with a mustang to come by so I can try his window switch in mine.. But today i noticed something.. I had the key turned so I get battery, and when I tried the window switch, the battery meter on the dash moved. Wouldnt that mean that the switch is, in fact, working? That kinda sucks if it is working, because i guess both window motors went then..