wiring electric fan Q's


Jan 21, 2004
I have a Proform electric fan looks like the exact same as Black Magic. Directions say attach positive terminal to a low amp 12 volt source such as fuse box.
optional connection- attach positive terminal to an ignition source to stop fan when after car is turned off.

what ignition source can i wire it to? If i hook it up to an ignition source then I wont have to hook i up tothe fuse box, correct?

Also, if I dont have AC then i dont have to worry about the AC connection, rght?

thanks, Mark
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I wouldn't wire it through a fuse panel - they draw way too much amperage for a donor-accesory connection. If I were doing it, just a suggestion. I would hook it up with a relay powered off of the battery with an inline fuse and then the relay to a switch or whatever device you want that cuts on with the car for the turn on lead (radio, power windows, a/c, ect.). It's a much more safer route to go with such a device running off of it's very own current draw as opposed to many other accesories sucking it up at the same time - it's too much overload IMHO.

As to the a/c lead, if you don't have it you don't need it. It's only there to tell the fan to kick on when you do the same with the a/c.
Mizark347 said:
what switch can i hook it up to? somewhere on the starter solenoid?
87GT summed it up pretty nicely. is that an excerpt from the instruction? are you using a controller? a relay? i dont think the instructions would suggest hookin up to a low amp source, unless there was a relay included that is wired in also.

as for the switch question above - huh?

some folks will run a switch for the fan (turn it on when you want. purely mechanical switching of the fan). you can either switch power or ground. the latter is probably safer. you would find a nice ground. run a wire from it to the switch. run a wire from the other terminal on the switch to the neg wire of the fan. the pos wire is always hot on the fan.

when i refer to a switch, it is one you provide (from the parts store). you dont hook it up to an existing switch......

please give more info. i agree with 87GT - i would run a controller, a manual switch for when the controller takes a poo poo, and run it through a relay, as he outlined.

good luck.
Right, the switch it supposed to provide the input signal to the relay to tell it to provide power itself to what is being turned on and ran.
30 - power from source to relay
85 - ground
86 - turn on lead
87a - power full time out until 86 gets an input signal
87 - power to device

When you've messed with enough relays you'll start getting the hang of them. Just wire them up with the location/designations i've listed above and you have a basic control device (not all relays will have 87a)

Now for the switch part. You are going to buy one from the auto store like hissin said and run a wire from an ignition source like I said in my previous post and run the switch inline with it going to the relay. This way you can have the relay cut on by itself when the car is cut on or you can decide to keep it off at your discretion.