wiring questions


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Nov 5, 2009
Ok I have a 87 mustang with the original body wiring I got a wrecked 92 5.0 HO took all the main wiring, computer and most necessary parts except the body harness, compliance told me to scrap it in a hurry. Now the problem is the round brown 8 pin connector for the gauges which is on the driver side and the square green 8 pin connector in the cabin with the ecu connector on the 92 main harness. I need to know which colors wires from the 87 mustang to match up with 92 harness, there is 15 wires altogether to match up I know some wont get used. If someone can link me to a real full wiring diagram for the 87 mustang and 92 mustang I will figure it out or if someone just flat out tells me i would be grateful. I just don’t want to sit in the cold for the next 4 hours ohm-ing out wires to figure it all out I know someone has had to have done this before I hope.
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wiring diagrams

get on google, type in 87 mustang wiring diagram, you will find all the info you need, there is a guy named t moss, i believe, he has every wiring diagram youll need and they are in colour. the green plug is for a/c. fuel pump, speed sensor,etc, the round brown is for the taco-meter oil, tem, start signal,etc. these plugs are in the diagrams, they may all interchange,i dont know for sure. but i can tell you the diagrams are accurate, because i used them to make my own loom.