SOLD Working 302 engine, complete solid rear axle 8.8, front k member, seats, more!


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Feb 13, 2021
Price: $500 OBO by end of week, City: Austin, State: TX, Description: Below, Model Year: 1989, and Post Pics: Attached!

I have a handful of parts from my 89 notch i'm looking to sell. I'll take best offer by end of this week. Pickup only in Austin TX. Must take all items at once, this is not negotiable. Everything is in working order- just pulled off for my build.

Engine: ~90k miles, ran great when pulled. Long block + manifold. Mystery very-near stock cam. E or B cam perhaps? Previous owner didn't know. BBK throttle body and headers as well. Have video of engine running if needed.

Rear Suspension: Complete, 5 lug drums, including springs, shocks, quads, and new in box steeda LCAs.

Front Suspension: K Member, MM brace, stock A-arms, stock struts, stock camber plates, stock steering rack.

Seats: look to be from a ~99 GT. Black leather, nice condition. One power, one manual.

Exhaust: Flowmasters cut a the bend for removal, BBK off road H-pipe with O2 Sensors.


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