Would you sell these or hang onto them?


That is…until I whipped out my Bissell
Mod Dude
Feb 18, 2001
Going through all my random Mustang parts. I'm trying to ditch anything i won't really ever use again like stock parts and just useless-to-me stuff.

I'm stumped to do on one set of parts.

They are 03-04 Mustang Mach 1 stainless exhaust tips. They have literally zero miles on them. Guy drove the car home and instantly slapped on new tips.

They are the rolled stainless tips with about 4" of pipe attached.

I can't decide if i should ebay them now, or hang onto them as i got em cheap and it won't really hurt me to keep them.

I'm wondering if they are one of those things that 20 years from now might fetch good $$$.

I just don't want to list them and they sell for $25 :(
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Jul 3, 2004
I would sell them personally because honestly there is nothing special about the Mach 1 tips. They are just regular old rolled edge 3 inch tips & personally I think they look too small in the bumper cutouts... I still have mine sitting in my buddies shed & I doubt I could really get anything substantial for them....


10 Year Member
Dec 6, 2004
Ive got a set of Mach tips also. I think they are 2.5" though, not 3"... My Mac's are 3" and the Mach's are a bit smaller.

I also have the stock H off my GT, the tails from the catback I had origionally, stock Mach mufflers, flowtubes, all the stock parts that came off my car, stock TB and plenum.

My 3.27's and old bearings along with some new crush sleeves and lube, 2 sets of wheels (origionals and 15" 6 banger wheels with DR's), 3 including my Jeeps origionals, half the interior of my Jeep, a catalytic converter, all kinds of crap.

Im kind of a pack rat when it comes to that. I like having spare parts, as well as origional stuff around. I know if I sell the car I will want to save my modded parts (most of them) and either keep them for another GT or sell them off.


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Mar 14, 2002
SE Texas
Yeah I have a section in my room that tends to collect parts. I have aftermarket headlights/corners that I took off when I changed to my current setup, pi cams, pi intake, stock intake parts, sway bar, and other misc parts.

Doesn't hurt to keep it since you won't get too much for it.


That is…until I whipped out my Bissell
Mod Dude
Feb 18, 2001
They are rolled tips.

However i've decided to keep them. Won't be worth it for me to break them out of where i have em now, package them up and ship em off. I'll just leave em be