wow what a weekend


Nov 23, 2002
ok i have decided not to race anymore untill i get my ride right last night i ran a 95 nearly stock gt and a 02 gt with cams full exaust and a built lower end...... the 95 was nothing i spun threw 1st and 2nd he was a head about 2 links and i came back to beat him by about 3 to 4........ then the 02 same thing with spinning and he got a jump on me... thanks to my adjustable clutch cable not being right i shift into second and nothing was there rpms drop i shift and have to play catch up the rest of the way.... he ends up about 2 links ahead at the end of the quarter.....the bad things was i needed alot of adjusting and i had parts sitting there that if i would have just not been lazy would have put me infront seeing that i had my et streets sitting there that i was just to lazy to put on and had a full bottle that i just didnt feel like going to pick up also i could have taken the couple of minutes to adjust my clutch and timing...... yeah just decided to share my experiences from last night
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While street racing is fun, it is too risky and dangerous. I have calmed down a LOT over the past few years. I don't even think I have a street racing story to talk about from 2007. Well.....maybe one, but I'm not proud.

This guy came into my work Saturday asking about my car and if I ever go to the track. He said he lost his license when he was my age and 10,000 dollars later he got it back. He said that if his street races would have been at the track, he would have had 10,000 dollars more in go-fast-parts for his fox.
everybody uses different slang for different things and i am from the south so alot gets changed up down here and if you think links work think about it as cars linked together there are 3 cars linked front to back then it would describe it perfectly.......
Cars linked together like this :shrug: