Writing on my engine block


New Member
Jun 28, 2004
I bought my 01 GT new in mid 01 and after looking it over i found some writing on the front of my block. I have looked at other GT's but never saw it on any of them. Has anyone ever seen or heard of this and what it could possibly mean?
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These motors are built in several different plants. I think they are cleveland, windsor and romeo if I'm not mistaken. Writing on the blocks, or other parts for that matter is probably something the manufacturer of that part put on it to label it. I work in a manufacturing plant for brakes for SUV's and we mark certain parts so that we know what they are sometimes or to make sure that it has been inspected if there are some quality concerns with them.
I have a co-op job at Bosch Braking Systems where they assemble disc brake calipers and when a bad part has passed a test the operators must check the parts manually and put a dot on the part to say it was checked untill the test is fixed. This is what they do for bakes here so the writing could mean something eles but usually if it is a code that has to go on every part the will use a technafore that scribes the code or use a laser.