wtf i have infiniti's in all four corners and it still gets distorted?


Jun 5, 2005
ok guys maybe you can help me out with this. i have a sony xplod headunit, and infiniti kappa series speakers in all four corners and no matter how much i mess with it, i still cant turn it up too loud without it getting distorted. i've been told this may be because i have a stock speaker amp, but i really dont know. can anyone help me with this. thanks.
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if you changed the head unit yourself and plugged it in , then you would know if there was a factory amp. Reason I say this is you have to unhook it or at least I did on my 89. To be sure though take out the head unit look under it there will be a metal box [looks like a computer] that is the factory amp, on newer models the amp is in the trunk mounted on the underside of the deck.
sony hedunit is not the problem, even if you have your factory amp by-passed you are still running those kappa off 15-20 watts rms ( the norm for after market headunits) which is way below the power you need to get these speakers to sound the way they are supposed to, also no matter what you do if you turn it up loud enough you will always get distortion no matter what you do, there is a limit no matter what.