X pipe and Flowmaster?

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How does an x-pipe paired with 2 chamber flowmasters sound?
How does the x-pipe sound compared to an h-pipe?

If your talking about an o/r x pipe it will be way to raspy and won't sound good in my oppinion.

It will sound much better with an o/r h pipe.
An x pipe has more of an exotic sports car/nascar type sound and an h pipe has more of a deep muscle car sound.

BTW you'll be defeating the whole purpose of an x pipe by putting it on with chambered mufflers.
From the 2 offroad bassani x/chambered mac setups I've had, both sounded extremely crappy. It was only when I switched to the straight through bassani aftercat that it sounded good. If you want to go chambered I'd suggest you stick with an H pipe or pro-chamber.
I like the X and Flows but they have to be the 3-chamber flowmasters. The 2-chamber mufflers just don't make it sound right IMO. The 3-chambers give a much lower and less tingy sound.
Ive had 2 chamber flows for about 3 yrs now w/ an O/R H pipe and it does sound good but Im ready for a change plus they suck at making power w/ a blown application. Im thinking of heading the route of Magnaflows.
Hey my personal opinion would be go to a exhaust web site and judge ur self, b/c what sounds good to u may not sound good to me. But i have flows w/ and a o/r h but switching to spintech and LT's with a bassini x. But the 2 chamber and x sounds great to me, a lil different then everyone else and sounds cleaner and screams up top. If it wasnt for spintechs i would do flows with a x pipe and LT's. I have a cam also so that will alter some sound as well so......