X303 Camshaft Build-up


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May 9, 2010
Hi everyone,

I was cleaning out my garage yesterday, and found a brand new X303 cam in box. Funny thing is, I am actually building a 302 as we speak. I am going to be using the Edelbrock Performer Heads, High Rise Edelbrock Intake, and it will be EFI. I tore the block apart today, and will be "attempting" to put it back together tomorrow hopefully! :D I just had a few questions that I cannot seem to find the answers to, and I was told by a friend that All of you on here give great feedback so I figured I would give it a try.

1. Seeing as how the X303 cam is a roller cam, should I NOT use cam lube to break in the cam? I have heard that the cam lube will gunk up the rollers...

2. With the Edelbrock Performer Heads and stock pistons, will I have a problem with "floating valves?" The heads look to have upgraded springs with dampners.

3. I am not sure how to line up the timing on this cam?? It has stock timing chain, and stock crank. I am pretty sure the cam comes with 5 degrees ATDC, so how should I install it? This will be my first cam install, and I am a greenhorn when it comes to this. Haha..

Thank you for your help everyone!

Joe Cleary
Coventry, CT
93 GT
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1- I coat cam in lucus oil stabilizer before installing, thats it as far as break-in procedures go
2- springs need to be able to handle the lift of that cam .542 I think, most double springs handle that much fine.
3- dot to dot is fine, if you wanna get fancy you need a degree wheel/mic and adjustable gears.
Makes sense...lol.. thanks buddy. Any idea on what length pushrods I will need and if I should use roller rockers instead of the stock ones? Plus how do I set up the timing for the motor?
no idea on the push rods, roller rockers are a good idea for sure, adjust timming by rotating the distributer, timming light helps, I just advance till it pings then back it off a hair.