Xcal2 tune Problems:-S, car won't start, anyone have a tune for FBNF1GA?

Last year Brent from Brenspeed you sent me a new set of tunes and I recall there being an issue with it not starting properly and it turned out just to be a mixup where they thought I had a C&L intake rather than an AFE Stage II intake, and they sent me an updated set of tunes accounting for the AFE intake rather than the C&L intake and I'm wondering if somehow I got the tunes mixed up, as I've run into some trouble with my tuner.

I went to change the tune yesterday and for some reason it failed to write part
way through, I tried to install each of these tunes and the factory tune you
sent me as well but none of them seem to work, the best case scenario is that
when I load one of these tunes it starts up and then dies out within a couple
seconds. I even tried the restore to stock tune (which I now believe is the
wrong strategy code since after I do so the strategy code shows up as FBNF1G3
and it won't start at all), when I install the tunes that I have (which some how may be the wrong ones as I mentioned) it shows a strategy code of FBNF1GA (and as mentioned it starts but dies out within a few seconds).

I've sent Brent a similar issue, but being the weekend I don't anticipate hearing back until at least some time tomorrow, after I have to go to work, so if you happen to have a tune that you think might help me out that I could try just to get me going, or have any other suggestions of what might be wrong I'd really appreciate it as my car is "dead in the water" for now, I guess worse case scenario is that I have to take it into the dealer to reflash the PCM to stock, but they tend to charge through the nose for that and they'll have the car for at least a day.

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