xr4ti input anyone?


Jan 11, 2006
Hi everyone, I'm a regular on the 5.0 forums. I have come across a pretty solid looking xr4ti and the asking price is pretty cheap. has anyone here had experience with these cars? is there anything i should be on the lookout for when i check it out? any opinions, input etc? I've owned a 2.3 mustang before and it was an overall great car, the only problem i had was that it didn't handle smacking a deer at 60 mph too well. thanks.
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it's an 89 one owner with 59,000 + miles. i went back to check the car out. looks rock solid. body is %100 solid. only thing less than perfect on the exterior is a few bubbles in the window tint. the inside is very nice. the driver's seat has a few rips and tears, but for an 89 that is not a surprise. the headliner has a little sag to it behind the sunroof, but nothing a little spray tack can't fix. engine is clean as a pin. it has the turbo 4 cylinder. so overall it needs about an hour's worth of work and some seat covers to be 100% straight. the bad part, when i called the number to ask about it - it had already been sold. dammit man. i hope the buyer doesn't pony up with the money. i'll probably never come across another good deal like that here..... and i need a second car for gas mileage.
they were only asking $750 - makes me want to kick myself for not jumping on it. then again - like 65 shelby said, some snap decisions are bad ones. oh well, i'll keep my eyes out for the next one i guess.