Yeah Baby Just put my order in!!!!!!!


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Jun 25, 2001
miami ,florida
Living in south florida every Dealer i went to wanted 20K over or thay were auctioning off there cars.. This weekend world ford even told me to my face that they wanted 100k or so for there frist 5 cars. So i called a small dealer in a small town and got a great deal not only did i order one but one of my friends ordered there other one the same day. They were more then happy to take our orders Word to the wise go out of state if you have to stay

Vista blue with white strips and the interior package :D
MSRP + 2k Cant pass that up.........Would be nice if ford stickes to there under 40K MSRP
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Ours ordered 15 March, white with blue stripes, interior upgrade, $5k over MSRP. Another guy ordered his the same day, same color combo, but he intends to sell his on the internet as soon as he gets it (I heard this third party, but it came from the sales manager). He ordered the Shaker 1000 and I forgot to ask if he got the interior upgrade. No Sirius though. He didn't like the idea of the antenna on the Shelby! I hope it sells some place well outside of my area! It would be nice to have the only white one around!

Wow, $2k over is a great deal! Congratulations on that!
Congrats on the white with blue stripes - the "best" combo. I saw an absolutely pristine '67 Shelby Mustang on a car carrier yesterday in white with blue stripes. Its still a stunning car.
New member. 1st reply. Sweet.
Went yesterday to dealer in Ohio and paid $5000 deposit. The deal we made was for $5000 over msrp. Also, a FULL refund :nice: of my deposit if I change my mind after the offical price is announced. Orderd Vista Blue w/white stripes, interior upgrade and 1000w Kicker without Sirius radio. Good Hunting.