Yet Another Cracked Aqua Dashpad Owner Searching For a Solution


Feb 4, 2020
Hello all; My name is Kurtis and I am new to your community! I recently picked up a 1966 Mustang coupe 289 2V A code car. The car has an original aqua interior in surprisingly good condition except the dash pad has a crack in it. I have searched for a replacement to no avail, and it would seem from what I have read here and on other forums guys aren't happy with the results when attempting to dye the parchment dash pads. I noticed however that National Parts Depot sells the aqua vinyl upholstery by the foot which got me thinking... Has anyone attempted to buy the vinyl and rewrap their aqua dash? I know precisely nothing about upholstery work but in theory if one were to use maybe a spray adhesive would it be possible to rewrap the dash pad with the new upholstery over the old vinyl? I know... easier said than done, the contours may be tricky to wrap but if anyone has any info regarding doing this I would love to see how yours turned out, along with a few pointers if you wouldn't mind. Thanks!
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