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@95BlueStallion , this is the reason I come to Stangnet; the plethora of experts is truly overwhelming! Thank you, sir, for casting a practiced eye upon my poor offering :banana:

As a side note, I am tearing the 85 down to get the engine and trans out. Hopefully i will have this ready and pulled by the weekend. I think I will part out the car, instead of selling it. I would hope someone would buy the front bumper/projector headlights/LED fog lights, 3" cowl hood, shaved hatch/Saleen spoiler, front fenders/molded spats and rear 93 Cobra bumper as a bundle to keep the look of the car together.

The underdash wiring is a fire waiting to happen. I found wires that were just twisted together and taped, dozens of crimped connections, wires that were cut and left loose, wires that weren't cut and had the bare ends hanging out; a real mess. I could piece it back together now that the dash is out with the two wiring diagrams, but it would take weeks of tedious investigation. I have better things to do with my time. So, I'll help my son get his ModFox on the road and in the Spring paint my 84 coupe and start getting it back together

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@Davedacarpainter and @95BlueStallion

I have an Eastwood 125 MIG welder with gas shielding, but your welds look perfect next to mine. I haven't had much practice, as I've gone through medical hell the last two years. What I think I see is that that part of the frame does nothing but support the sheet metal. I wouldn't think it would have to be dead nuts perfect. I would think I would have to disassemble the front sheet metal to get to everything, no? The LMR kit is something like $300. I have 0.30 wire in my welder and my gas pressure is about 40psi (if I remember correctly). The problem I seem to have is blowing holes through the sheet metal.

On a side note I had a long talk with Travis. He really talks fast and my Texas ears have a problem keeping up. The fuel pressure is at a steady 60psi; way too high. I have an Aerometer fuel pressure regulator that I'm taking to him today. That should fix the fuel pressure issue. Getting the exhaust right is another issue. I don't have anything to bend exhaust pipe, so I'll need to take it to Kenny's Muffler.

What I really need to do is to lay eyes on this thing again and try to figure out a game plan. My son wants to give me the 84 notch and use the 85 as a parts car, but I'm reluctant to do that on a number of fronts. Man, I thought my life would slow down when all I had to do is play with the grandkids.


Sorry to dig this up, but I have to ask, when you said Kenny's Muffler, did you mean Kinney's Muffler shop in Fort Worth?
he' a real nice guy and they do some really custom fabrication. They have a book of the cars they have done. Everything from stock to full-on custom

Awesome. I found out about them because I was searching for places that can fabricate and weld stainless steel. They have a lot of pictures of their work on their website. I need to give them a call and get a feel for their pricing.
My son and I fitted the dash pad to his 84 coupe. Trying to make a cardboard copy of the windshield shape was a non-starter, mostly because his windshield is still installed. I had a beat up dashpad from my 84 and we clamped it to the top of the sn95 dashboard. We traced the shape to the sn dashpad using a silver marky. My son then took a saber saw while I held it and cut the shape out. The only caution is to not cut the ends of the sn dash the same as the Fox. It’s betyer to trim that when refitting the dash on the frame. There seems to be some variation in how these fit when on the sn dash frame.

My son wanted me to do the cutting, but there’s no way I was putting my foot into that tar baby. :nice:. He then said, “yeah, I’d rather it be your fault than mine”. He’s so much like his Mother.

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Update time on my son’s 84 coupe. We installed the 8.8 out of the 96 (3.73 gears), installed the TeamZ k-member, the 4.6 (300hp/320tq at the rear wheels) andmost of the wiring harnesses. We also installed coilovers and the Cobra brakes off the 96, so we’ve made a pretty good start. This is all since January. It’s slow because he works so much OT.


This is the 4.6. Note the HF engine adjuster, also have the HF engine support, which held up the 4.6 and T45 while we installed the k-member and suspension, and the HF folding 2-ton engine hoist. I’m a HF kind of guy


My walls, ceiling, and attic, not to mention one bedroom are covered in car parts, although most are for my 84 coupe.


Better shot of the engine. Sat in perfectly with the TeamZ k-member. We will install the hydroboost and antilock brakes out of the 96, also.


My son located this 82 front bumper cover, then had it repaired and painted. Wound up being almost a grand all in

That’s all for now. We might get some work done on it this weekend

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@karthief, I thought the not a build thread build thread was pretty catchy. I’m no Car Michael Angelo, you know.

Open to suggestions. I’m better wrenching than naming, it seems.

Just as a FYI, my benign tumor on my trimengial (sp) nerve has decided to kick my biscuits again (after 5 years). My left eye now stares at my right eye. Pretty weird. I go in Tuesday for gamma knife treatment. Not sure how this will turn out, so a few prayers from those of you who believe (as I do) would be most appreciated. The entire left side of my face is numb, although it does work, but no taste and no feeling. Took me a Couple weeks to figure out how not to eat my lips

Well, my friends, it looks like I’m in for a tough time. The tumor on my trimengial nerve has grown and gamma knife isn’t going to do the job. I need two brain surgeries, either of which could leave me impaired if something goes wrong. If I thought the surgeon was that bad I wouldn’t use him, of course. Looks like recovery is 2 to 3 weeks each, and he says I’m going to hate life the whole time. Not much good news, except they still think it’s benign, but won’t know for certain until they biopsy it.

In other news, my son and I moved the wiring, brake and fuel lines from the 96 onto his 84, so that was a big step. I installed the hydroboost system and welded in the
steering column plate from the 96, also. I really, really hate spot welds. We have to pull the ac and heater system out of the 96, but I think that’s all we need, then I can at least get it out of my garage. Just like eating an elephant - one bite at a time.

Any prayers would be most appreciated. I’m not sure why God is testing me, but I am very hard headed, so I’m hoping for some clarity to the situation