You be the judge


Apr 6, 2005
So I was driving by my local Ford when I noticed this Roush Mustang parked out front.
It caught my eye, so I decided to pull in and check it out.
Basically, it was a Redfire Metallic Deluxe GT with the 500 watt Shaker and 6-CD option ($665) added to it.
Total price, just for the GT, was approximately $26,100+. Now with the Roush on it, the car had side window louvers, front, side, and rear ground effects, Roush custom grille, Roush custom spoiler, exterior Roush emblems, Roush performance exhaust, and Roush custom exhaust tips. The interior was red and black and the seats were leather with Roush emblems. It also had Roush custom Dash gauges, Roush custom shifter knob and a few other interior dress-ups that was about it.
I didn't see anything on the sticker that indicated that it had any kind of forced induction so I'm assuming that was the whole package.
The car looked awesome, but when I looked at the MSRP of the Roush add-ons it totaled about $9000+ which brought the total MSRP of the car to just over $35000.
I don't know about you, but I think $9000 of mostly external and internal dressup mods with just an exhaust upgrade isn't worth the money.
What do you think?
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It's a shame it's that much higher. Probably not worth that much money. That being said, I'm not a racer and I don't need that much speed, however Would like something that's just a bit different than everyone else. Something like that might appeal to me if I liked the whole package, but unless I had plenty of money to throw around I probably wouldn't get it. As in everything else, it just depends on your own priorities and perspectives.
Unless it is a Stage 3... Doc called it... All show and no go.... Throw on it Roush reengineered intake and exhaust manifolds, adjustible shocks, camber/caster kit with a progressive rate spring lowering package, shock/strut tower brace as well as upgraded LB injectors and a Roots Style SC like the 360R and then it would be worth the $..

Stage 1 all show/Stage 2...Gettin' better....Stage 3 - is da' bomb....Jack is the man!!..