1994 5.0

  1. F

    Alternator charging problems

    Hi I have a 1994 mustang that I swapped form a v6 to the 5.0L v8 and swapped parts so it basically is acting like a 94 gt. I have been having problems with the alternator not charging when the car gets warm and you leave it at idle. It dips down to 12.6 6 volts or something and reads low on the...
  2. F

    New and looking for help on my 1994 v8 swap

    Hi new here but came here times before for helpful tips that showed up on google. Anyways I bought a 1994 v6 5 speed mustang that had a broken head gasket and I planned on fixing it, well one thing lead to another and now I am doing a 5.0L swap. The first questions that I have run into is are...
  3. D

    Where to find Off road (O/R) H Pipes for 94 mustang 5.0?

    Been looking all over the place for an off road h pipe for my bbk 1-5/8 ceramic long tube headers but I cannot seem to find any. Checked all websites and even Ebay. I know that they stopped making them because of EGA but someone has to be selling them out there? Or does anyone have any for sell...
  4. S

    1994 ford f150 xlt

    Hello i am of need of someone helping me find out if my 1994 f150 has been Cammed or not
  5. B

    high stall converter on 94 gt

    Hey guys! I have a stock 1994 GT 5.0 convertible - Automatic trans I recently had the rear end rebuilt, went from the stock 327 to a 373 Yukon performance with a locker. I've thought about quite a few different mods but figured gears were the best place to start, not quite ready for heads...
  6. V

    Wheels-Tires Rear wheel spacers

    Anyone use the 1 inch wheel spacers that bolt to the hub and the rim bolts to it? My search didn’t really find anything... thanks
  7. Lawdawg86

    Vacuum line under intake 5.0

    Anyone know they factory size for that fitting under there? Mine has come off, I’ve got another hose going to it right now that’s temporary but, omg you talk about a biotch to reach your hand in there to fish that through and get it on that barbed fitting. I had replaced it the other day when...
  8. Lawdawg86

    1994 mustang GT convertible top out of adjustment

    So I bought the car from the PO, she told me they’d replaced the top but that it sounds like somethings not right in the back. She told me the drivers side top won’t go all the way up to latch and so she worried it would break window. Never worked on a convertible top before but what adjustments...