Alternator charging problems


Jun 30, 2021
Hi I have a 1994 mustang that I swapped form a v6 to the 5.0L v8 and swapped parts so it basically is acting like a 94 gt. I have been having problems with the alternator not charging when the car gets warm and you leave it at idle. It dips down to 12.6 6 volts or something and reads low on the gauge but instantly when you get started going again it’s fine. I have replaced the alternator with one from a pick a park redid my grounds even putting on that was missing on the from the back of the intake. It seemed to help but not really with the charging at idle. My question are: What should be the stalk 1994 mustang gt idle for a stick shift (mine is just a tad bit over 500 but I have heared it is to be around 700) and would a low idle make a difference? Is this the sign of a bad ground, big draw from some place in the car or sign of bad diodes (I don’t think this because I have had the same thing with two different alternators). Hope some one can help.
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