1. L

    2003 New Edge Mach 460 question.

    Hey all, I've frequented this forum for a while since I've owned my Mustang. I have a quick question that I can't find a definitive answer for on google. My car came with the Mach 460 sound system, the amps were bad when I bought it, so I got a new head unit (Dual Xdcpa10bt) and some cheap...
  2. A

    What's it Worth? Cobra @ dealership help

    Hey yall. Looking to trade my 2011 GT Premium for a 2003 Cobra 10th anniversary vert at a dealership. It seems pretty overpriced. They’re asking $24,600 for it when the KBB for it is $16-19k at a dealership. They offered $10,000 for mine and that’s definitely extremely low. So any advice on...
  3. H

    2003 mustang v6 tick on start ups.

    I recently got a 2003 mustang v6 convertible. I noticed that when I started her up the next morning, a tick sound would appear and it would dissipate after 15-20 seconds. If i leave the car off for an hour, then start it up, the same thing happens. Tick for 20 seconds, then goes away. Ive looked...
  4. nathanruschill

    2006 Mustang GT mach 1 tribute

    I just bought my second mustang GT last friday ( my brother crashed my 2000 new edge GT :( at least i can say at 15 i have purchased 2 mustangs already :D). I was looking at mach 1s alot ever since the accident however they are either a really good price but need work, or they are super...
  5. K

    Clutch Squeal when clutch pushed in

    I have a 2003 Mustang 3.8L V6 that does a really loud squeal when the clutch is pushed in, however when the clutch is all the way out it doesn't make any noise. As well it only happens when I'm in lower gears like 1 or 2 and it never happens when I'm in the higher gears. The car only has 69k...
  6. B

    Throttle Body Squeaking

    Hey guys first time poster, 2003 GT owner I am getting a squeal when I just lightly tap the gas, that is the only time it squeals. No squeal when at idle. It sounds like it could be air whistling but its very high pitched and sounds like a squeak or squeal. I changed the belt and Idler pulley...
  7. S

    For Sale 2003 Cobra Redfire Convertible

    2003 Cobra Convertible Redfire Exterior Color Black cloth top Black interior with Gray insert (Alacantara) and leather 68k Miles Price is $21,500 Located in Hoover, AL Built May 27th 2003 and is 3938 of 5082 and about 611 in this combination Original Purchase was at Eckenrod Ford, Cullman AL I...
  8. L

    2003 fuel hose

    Hi u’ol. Currently working on a 2003 Stang. It was a V6 but a Mach1 engine is going in. Both engines have the same hose that attaches to the fuel rail. I’m including a photo for reference. I can’t find what the silver round thing in the red circle is and also would like to know what it does...
  9. I

    Electrical help! 03 mustang headlights

    So I just installed the “white face reverse glow gauges” and my turn signals work but my headlights (low and high beams) don’t work. Also, I can use the “flash to pass” and my lights come on.. don’t know what to do
  10. C

    Mustang 2003-04 Oem Subframe Connectors

    Hello This maybe a topic that has been discoursed before; Nevertheless, none of the threads that I've found so far have the answer I need. I have a 2003 mustang v6(manual) and I'm trying to put subframe connectors on it. I know that the OEM are not the best ones, but they are way better that no...
  11. M

    02 Gt Won't Start After Motor And Transmission Swap

    Hey all, I did a motor and transmission swap in a 2002 GT automatic car. I installed a 2004 Cobra motor and T-56 transmission. I used the GT wiring and had a chip programmed and added it to the factory computer. I got everything wired up and the car wouldn't even turn over. I ran direct power...
  12. M

    Mustang Keeps Going Into Closed Loop/open Loop Won't Read Maf

    Okay so the other day I was cleaning the maf sensor on my 2003 gt with the maf spray cleaner, the air cleaner was dirty so i washed that also it has the bbk CAI. After I had cleaned the maf up I let it sit maybe 5 mins and I put it back in and started the car up and it ran really rich so I...
  13. C

    Stock 2003 V6 Mustang Turbo

    Hello, I want to get 250-260 hp on my mustang, and should be able to do so with a turbo running 5psi. Could I buy a crap eBay turbo kit for my car and run that at 5psi? If so, what would I need to run that safely on my car, so I don't blow anything up? My car is a 2003 v6 143,000 miles with a...
  14. B

    Recommendations For Longtubes For A 2003 Gt

    Hey fellas, Im new to the stangnet forum however not entirely new to forums in general. I thought I would come here to look for some thoughts on what I should do to my 2003 Mustang GT this spring. A little back story, this is my third mustang, previous two were 98s. Have always loved the look...
  15. M

    2003 Mustang Gt Starting Problem Cranks No Start First Try

    So my 2003 gt does not start on the first try but the 2nd try starts up within 2 seconds. I have a 78mm throttle body cold air intake.I cleaned the IAC and egr still nothing I checked the fuel pressure got around 30-40 psi. Changed fuel filter was really black and dirty. Not sure if fuel...
  16. Red012v

    Expired 2003 Oem Cobra Front Bumper

    Selling an silver metallic YN oem front bumper off of a 2003 cobra. Has plugs in the holes for the license plate. Has rock chips from daily driving. No fogs,bezels, or chin spoiler. 200 obo in oregon.
  17. Red012v

    Expired 2003 Cobra Intercooler

    Selling used cobra intercooler. Will be cleaning it up more. Worked fine on the car. Replacing a lot of things on the car that's all. No dents or bent fins Car has 120k+ miles. Can include pump with it if needed. Also have a 90mm pulley and snub idler bracket not sure of brand. Pulley spins...
  18. A

    Expired 2003 Mustang Cobra 10th Anniversary Convertible

    2003 Mustang Cobra 10th Anniversary Edition Convertible Triple black with the anniversary red seat inserts 76,XXX miles always garage kept This car is bone stock except for Bassani X-pipe & SCT tuned chip Also have the original exhaust that came from factory. If your looking for a clean uncut...
  19. 2003 Ford Mustang GT

    2003 Ford Mustang GT

    This is my 2003 Mustang GT Convertible. It's a five speed and everything I want from a Mustang.