1. T

    1990 2.3L automatic - real bad engine sputtering

    My 1990 2.3L automatic with electronic(?) overdrive has just under 240,000 miles. I recently had problems with a spark plug constantly missing, and, I replaced the plugs, wires, and, air filter. Immediately after that, I started having really bad sputtering (not really sure if the problem...

    What's it Worth? 2.3L C4 Bellhousing

    Ran across one today. Last one I sold was 10 years or so ago and I got $250 back then and it was actually the 2.0L version. Anyone know what the current price is for these bell housings?
  3. L

    Fox body 2.3 power steering delete

    So I have a 1993 Ford Mustang 2.3L coupe and I just swapped over to a Manuel rack. Does anyone know where I can snag a idler pulley or a belt diagram so I can delete the pump it’s self ?
  4. TheeRickestRick

    Fuel 5.0 Injectors on a 2.3

    I bought these 5.0 injectors and was planning on putting them in my 2.3l today but im hesitant and need a push in either direction. I see some saying this will make the car run a little better, some say it'll slow it down and others that it'll fry my ecu. I've not got much done to the car except...
  5. D

    Idles Fine, Rev engine High Manually, engine comes down and dies.

    I am having an issue with my 1989 Ford Mustang with a 2.3L 4 cylinder. Car sat for about two years and is a convertible model (don't know if that matters but giving all information i know), i drug the car out this weekend and worked on getting it running. I believe it had roughly a quarter of...
  6. T

    Cranks but wont start

    I have a 2.3L 1990 mustang i was daily driving for about a year. I left it sitting for a few months starting it every 2 weeks or so until one day i went to start it and it wont start. it'll crank and sound as if it will just about start but then doesn't. i have since checked for spark, replaced...
  7. J

    93 mustang breaking up during acceleration

    Have a 93 lx that I bought a little over a month ago. Had some issues, and it sat for a while. New to fox bodies and still new to this car In general. So some insight from experience can help. Before I describe my current issue, I’m going to give some history on the things that I have done to...
  8. J

    Engine 93 lx 2.3l runs terrible

    Having a slight problem, new to mustangs and just got a 93 foxbody (5 speed) a few days ago. It Sat for a while, not sure how long. Anyway, it runs really rough. During idle it isn’t too terrible, sometimes it might vibrate. But the real problem is when I try to drive it. The car has no power...
  9. D

    Getting codes 998 and 122.

    Have a 1991 Mustang Lx2.3l. When I do koeo test I get code 122. Tps sensor is brand new. Just replaced. Went ahead with koer test and got codes 998 and 122. Need help in the direction I should go. When I tested my tps sensor I was getting a constant reading of 0.051 volts. Something turned on...
  10. D

    Where is the Eec Relay?

    I have a 1991 Hatchback 2.3l. Been testing voltage on wires from engine bay to under the dash. I need to test the wires on the eec relay next but cant seem to find it. Some have showed it under the eec-iv, some have showed it directly above. I have skinny arms and have felt around everywhere. I...
  11. D

    New to mustang world. Have a 91' lx 2.3l with problems.

    I had the car running just the other day. Went to start next day and fuel pump wasn't turning on. It's a brand new pump. The ignition switch has also been replaced in the past. Just bought a new fuel pump relay thinking that's all it was. sadly, still nothing. When I jump the wires at the fuel...
  12. A

    Expired 92 Mustang LX 2.3L Automatic Convertible / Augusta GA / $2000 OBO

    '92 2.3L 4-cylinder N/A automatic convertible Mustang LX. White exterior, blue interior. Located in Augusta GA. Negatives: • Dents in passenger front fender and hood (see pictures) • Rear passenger fender dent from tire blowout (see picture) • Coolant leak somewhere, I think around...
  13. H

    Cab Smells Like Fuel

    When I leave my 1988 2.3l over night sometimes it smells very strong of fuel. I've checked the vacuum lines to the best of my ability, and the charcoal canister ( I think that's what its called) seams to be fine. Any help would be amazing. This is my first post, I think I have it in the right...
  14. T

    Idle Fluctuation And Surging

    88 mustang lx 2.3l Ok so found out I had too big of injectors 18lb/hr also thought they were causing my idle problem, loading up with fuel "rich". I ordered and installed new 15lb/hr and it made the problem worst, now car dies durring idol surging. I have been fighting this battle for over a...