1. robw13

    Bad relay or battery or ???

    Parked my mustang GT and now it's dead as a doornail. Tried jumper cables, nothing. Would that lead to the Starter, relay, or Alternator? No lights or anything, all wires are tight, nothings changed.
  2. B

    Electrical Alternator charging issue.

    Ive seen alot of post on the subject but didnt see one that looked like my issue. So i was driving for about 30 kilometers to the city for a car meet and parked. When i started the car later the battery lamp was on and the alternator gauge (original) didnt show anny signs of life! UNTIL...
  3. 1

    2g alternator issues during idle.

    Just recently replaced my 1989 lx 5.0 alternator with a new 75 Amp 2g alternator. Had to crimp in the white wire and two black with range striped wires to the vehicles harness. I've noticed while idling the battery stays around 12v. When accelerating the voltage goes up as if the alternator...
  4. V

    Electrical Wiring Help - Alternator and Battery

    I am in need of some help with wiring my alternator - starter - battery in my 65 Mustang. I am doing a full restomod (car has been gutted and is being completely built back up) and can't seam to get a concise answer on the best way to wire my 140a 1-wire alternator with a PMGR Starter and my...
  5. S

    Coyote swap alternator control with Holley Terminator X

    After doing a tremendous amount of research, I can't seem to come up with a solution. The OEM 2017 Coyote alternator is internally regulated yet it is also controlled by the ECU by a PWM signal. My standalone ECU, Holley Terminator X Max, does not have provisions for alternator control like the...
  6. B

    1986 3.8L alternator upgrade

    Hello all, I've got a 1986 3.8L Convertible Mustang LX that I'm looking to upgrade the alternator on. I'm not looking to do a 5.0 swap on it, but want to update the alternator with a 3G one. I've found a couple of different ones online but I'm having trouble understanding the wiring. I'm not...
  7. SuperBobby615

    Ignition power suddenly went dead

    I have a 2005 GT manual transmission. I was driving after heavy rain when the car suddenly stopped dead. I'm getting no power to the ignition system. The only dash light is the flashing key. The battery still has power but has been running low due to a bad alternator (I think). I've gotten a...
  8. L

    Electrical Need Help

    Simple check spark plugs on a rainy Sunday. Look great for a 101k mile car. Re-gapped and replaced. Start car and my volt meter is now reading just above first white hash mark, normally rides at center or just above center. The only other thing I did related to wiring was clean the grime off of...
  9. 8

    Electric fan problem

    So I tried installing an sve dual electric fan myself, mind you I’ve never done any wiring on a car before, and I think I may have shorted it out but idk. The car won’t crank at all. I ordered a 130 amp alternator as well which I probably should’ve put in first but I wasn’t thinking so yeah...
  10. B

    Help please. wiring for alternator upgrade

    So instead of just waiting for an answer. I installed a high output alternator on my car. 2011 mustang with a sound system. alternator is from Powermaster. One youtube video from a retailer showed it a simple swap and using all the stock wiring. Dumb me knowing about the Big 3 thought it would...
  11. 9

    Coyote swap alternator wiring

    I have a 97 Cobra with a coyote swap and coyote control pack. For some reason the alternator bracket is for a 4g alternator and reverse mounted on the front of the motor. The alternator has a 3 pin plug (LG/R, WHT/BLK, and Y wires) the white/black wire usually goes to a stator plug, but this...
  12. 9

    97 Cobra Coyote Swap Alternator Issue

    I have a 97 Cobra with a 2012 Coyote swap. I just had to buy a new alternator. Both alternators are the 97 style due to the Power By Hour bracket. The old alternator didn’t have a stator plug but the new one does. The grey 3 prong plug from the car has a blk/wht wire but instead of running to a...
  13. N

    Strange over heating issue.

    I have a 86 mustang lx with a 3.8L v6, the heat gauge normally sits about in the center. However, if I turn the heating on in the cab the heat gauge sky rockets and goes past the red indicator, and after I turn the heater off, it goes back down very quickly. I have replaced the water pump...
  14. Z

    Having Trouble Finding a Specific Part

    I need to replace the alternator to power distribution box harness for my 2002 v6, but i can’t seem to find a harness that looks like it. Every other harness I find has a single connection, not the 2 connections on either end of the harness. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  15. mikerunt

    SOLD 3G Alt & Bracket - Brand New

    Brand new, never used, never installed 3G alt from LMR with bracket.
  16. 0

    Backfire and stall, won’t crank

    I have an 03 roush 4.6L NA car, only mods done to it are CAI, Accufab 70mm TB and intake plenum, and exhaust. It threw a code last week for cam position sensor because it would backfire on start ups so I replaced that. I got a new ac system installed today, Just picked it up from the shop and on...
  17. Nightstang00

    Engine Alternator Bracket / Water Pump

    93 mustang gt 302 5 speed. Currently I am running only the130 alternator/ water pump and crank. I bought an alternator bracket from amazon and removed the stock bracket with the tensioner. Now I’m also going to be converting to electronic fans. My issue is now, since my belt routing will be...
  18. 6

    Engine Generator to Alternator conversion-belt issue (Pictures attached)

    Hello, all. I have been working on converting the original generator in my 64.5 Mustang (260 engine) to a one wire alternator. (Don't worry purists, I am going to rebuild the orignal generator and keep for posterity:). I have everything lined up, but can't get the belt around the alternator...
  19. C

    '67 Roller Conversion pulley and alternator HELP

    Hi Everybody, I'm new to the forum, but have been lurking for years, since I got my 67 falcon. I'm building a Roller 302 to go in it and have some issues that I need help with. I bought a 74 302 from a f150 for the accessories and have a 2000 Mountaineer Roller block with aluminum heads, cam...
  20. Hudson N

    Voltage regulator/alternator problems

    My alternator on my 1991 wont charge my battery, I replaced the battery and the alternator, still wont get charge. I pulled the cluster and found that the ribbons that go to my battery Indicator lamp are a little bashed up. Does anybody know how I can repair those ribbons? Or is there a way to...