1. spam77

    Drivetrain Fox body aod rebuild

    Trying to pick your brains on building a aod with 373 gears and heads cam intake. What all does it take to put 4r70w internals into a aod and what rebuild kits would you recommend any info helps just trying to get a game plan thanks.
  2. D

    91 GT Convertible AOD Upgrades

    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my stock AOD Transmission in my 91 Fox Convertible. My engine is stock, but I have some intake and exhaust modifications. I bought a shift kit from Baumann already, but I want to change the stock gears to a 4.10. I heard that if you upgrade the gears you should...
  3. R

    1989 Factory AOD TV Cable Connector at Throttle Body

    Need some help to rectify a situation where I made a small mistake when revamping my TV Cable conenction att he throttle body. Naturally, I broke the factory connector as shown and need another. I know no aftermarket Parts Source has anything new, but, does anyone have a good lead on a used...
  4. T

    Aod transmission dipstick question

    Alright so today I just drained the fluid from the pan and did the pan gasket when I went to fill up the transmission I added fluid into the dipstick and it just sat for a second didn't drain down and started to overfill when the funnel was raised is it possible that the dipstick can get clogged...
  5. T

    Aod transmission no OD

    Car shifts into over drive and it's like a second neutral. Will switching filter and fluid have any chance of saving the overdrive band? The fluid is a faded red that smells burnt. The car has a stock gear ratio and motor ,so will it be fine to just drive without overdrive for a long period of time?
  6. T

    Aod transmission issues

    Alright so I just swapped in an aod transmission into my foxbody. I currently have it all setup from my last aod with a lokar kickdown kit. I had the pressure for the cable set but it seems to be getting tied up. Car shifts fine but when you launch the car the car won’t shift. When installing...
  7. T

    Aod shifter linkage

    Just installed a new AOD transmission in my car and I was having trouble with the shifter on the transmission being in the down position it was previously in the up position on the last transmission and now with my kick down cable from lokar I think it it is interfering with this cable. And now...
  8. T

    Drivetrain Is it worth it to rebuild an aod transmission or get something else?

    Is it worth it to rebuild an aod transmission or get something else? Transmission started slipping bad so I was wondering if I should stay with the aod or go to something else.
  9. A

    Holding AOD in gear - responsibly

    I’ve searched about this and most people seem to want to drag race shifting an AOD manually. I simply enjoy holding it in 2nd on country roads to be in that 2-3k rmp range instead of 1k. If I ever downshift its at the right speed to feel smooth, and only one gear at a time, not on the throttle...
  10. I

    1988 Mustang possible transmission shuddle?

    Hey guys, new to the forums. Not too long ago, my car began to buckle under deceleration. 1988 mustang gt AOD. Seems like if I let it coast under 30 to 35, it starts to buckle. At first, i thought it might have been a bad motor mount that was broken and making the engine rock around upon...
  11. Mexidankus

    Drivetrain AOD valve body on 4R70W

    Hi guys as the title says I'm trying to build myself a full manual automatic and I was wondering since the electronic bits are pretty much in the valve body and not on the actual case could I simply bolt on an AOD valve body onto my stronger 4R70W?
  12. Vulpes5.0

    Electrical 1987 5.0 AOD hatchback- what ECM belongs?

    I bought a nice mustang, cranks but no start, and realized pretty quick someone cleanly cut the ECM out, along with the pigtail. I presume that it was stolen, but maybe the owner needed some fast cash and that was simple enough. regardless, what ECM actually belongs in the car? I went ahead and...
  13. scaraj

    Drivetrain 91 - AOD Transmission Cooler Lines

    I just picked up a 91 LX 5.0 vert with an AOD and the transmission cooler lines are leaking by the radiator. The car currently has barbs screwed into the radiator with rubber lines (about a foot long) that connect to hard lines. The rubber lines are clearly aftermarket clamps. Was this the...
  14. Nathaniel Donnelly

    What Drivetrain Should I Get?

    Hey all! I'm getting a progressively worse vibration coupled with a bit of morning sickness on my '67 vert. It currently has a C-4 trans. Now that I have to fix all this, I've decided I want to upgrade the entire drivetrain, beginning with an AOD trans, new drive shaft, and LSD. I may or may...
  15. T

    2.3 Aod Work On 5.0?

    In the process of swapping my 4 banger coupe. Actually got the motor in last week, will my 2.3L aod transmission work on the 5.0?
  16. A

    Help>transmission Leak

    I have a 91 notch 5.0 (Auto) and I am having issues with diagnosing where my trans leak is coming from. The fluid is dripping from the exhaust and cross member. I thought the leak was coming from the trans pan (about 2-3 drops per day). I thought the gasket was bad so bought a replacement and...