1. Mexidankus

    Drivetrain AOD valve body on 4R70W

    Hi guys as the title says I'm trying to build myself a full manual automatic and I was wondering since the electronic bits are pretty much in the valve body and not on the actual case could I simply bolt on an AOD valve body onto my stronger 4R70W?
  2. 1970machwon

    Electrical 1987 5.0 AOD hatchback- what ECM belongs?

    I bought a nice mustang, cranks but no start, and realized pretty quick someone cleanly cut the ECM out, along with the pigtail. I presume that it was stolen, but maybe the owner needed some fast cash and that was simple enough. regardless, what ECM actually belongs in the car? I went ahead and...
  3. scaraj

    Drivetrain 91 - AOD Transmission Cooler Lines

    I just picked up a 91 LX 5.0 vert with an AOD and the transmission cooler lines are leaking by the radiator. The car currently has barbs screwed into the radiator with rubber lines (about a foot long) that connect to hard lines. The rubber lines are clearly aftermarket clamps. Was this the...
  4. Nathaniel Donnelly

    What Drivetrain Should I Get?

    Hey all! I'm getting a progressively worse vibration coupled with a bit of morning sickness on my '67 vert. It currently has a C-4 trans. Now that I have to fix all this, I've decided I want to upgrade the entire drivetrain, beginning with an AOD trans, new drive shaft, and LSD. I may or may...
  5. T

    2.3 Aod Work On 5.0?

    In the process of swapping my 4 banger coupe. Actually got the motor in last week, will my 2.3L aod transmission work on the 5.0?
  6. A

    Help>transmission Leak

    I have a 91 notch 5.0 (Auto) and I am having issues with diagnosing where my trans leak is coming from. The fluid is dripping from the exhaust and cross member. I thought the leak was coming from the trans pan (about 2-3 drops per day). I thought the gasket was bad so bought a replacement and...