1. J

    Heard A Knocking/banging When Accelerating.

    I was looking at a 1999 Cobra and whenever I would accelerate there would be a knocking/banging in the rear end. This has me thinking that the pinion and planetary gears are worn within the diff. Are there any other reasons I could be hearing this sound?
  2. 4

    2003 Svt Cobra, What Sends Power To My Ccrm?

    In the last six months I've replaced the ccrm fpdm fuel pumps and my battery. So I have power going to my evap vent valve and power going to my pumps, but the pumps won't kick on because there's no power going to my fpdm, because of this I've replace the fpdm and the ccrm, what sends power to...
  3. M

    Gt Engine Swap??

    I got a 2000 mustang gt Whats a good engine? i want to be abe to be fast as a cobra terminator or a 2ss camero 2016 or a 2012 boss I may be unrealistic but I want to be at least fast as a termi tho... If u have any suggestions lmk cause I have 30k n I don't know what to swap my engine with 1...
  4. A

    Expired 2003 Mustang Cobra 10th Anniversary Convertible

    FOR SALE 2003 Mustang Cobra 10th Anniversary Edition Convertible -Triple black with the red insert seats -SCT tuner/chip -Bassani X-pipe w/ stock chambers (Have the stock x-pipe still) -Other than that car is all stock. -Very clean car used it as a daily driver 5 years ago. Have a company truck...
  5. M

    1996 Cobra Overheating Issue!!!

    So I know this is a known issue across cobra's in general. I have replaced radiator (OEM), Fan (OEM), waterpump (OEM) and CTS (Coolant Temp Sensor) Fan comes on but does not seem to do a whole lot. I have already had my system flushed and I do not believe there are any air pockets in my system...
  6. B

    Drivetrain Proper Driveshaft Length For 03-04 Cobra T56 Transmission/shop Advice

    Hello, I've been researching the T56 swap I'm piecing together for my auto 5.0 '92 and have been unable to get a clear answer on this. What is the proper length driveshaft to use for an 03-04 Cobra T56? I've narrowed it down to shortening a foxbody-spec driveshaft by 1.5 or 2". Does anybody...
  7. C

    What Mustang To Buy

    I'm currently trying to buy my first car. I'm looking for a Ford Mustang preferably 2000-2017. I don't know to much about mustangs, Im looking for something fast and has a good interior . I also plan on modding this car a lot too. I want to get a V8 manual . I'm currently looking on the local...
  8. R

    1997 Cobra Cylinder Heads

    Okay, so I have a 1997 cobra, nothing special, cold air intake, magnaflow x pipe, 4.10 gears, 83k miles. I just recently stripped the threads on the inside of the head because I'm an idiot. So I brought it to a local mechanic to get it fixed, I had to get the whole head replaced, so with that, I...
  9. MoDriver

    SOLD 1998 Svt Mustang Cobra / 120k Miles T56 Magnum 6-speed

    1998 Mustang Cobra, black w/black leather interior, 6-speed manual transmission, Mach-460 AM/FM cassette, cruise control, and power seats. Located in Springfield, VA. Much of the mechanicals have been upgraded or replaced. The engine and paint is original and stock. This car now features a...
  10. S

    Looking For A Wounded Cobra.

    Hey ! New to stang net and looking for a 99-04 cobra to fix up(blown motor/transmission, wrecked). I'd like a termi but it isn't a deal breaker to go older. I don't know if there are specific junk yards or if anyone sees one for sale but I've had no luck so far. If you know where or how to find...
  11. S

    Recovering Corvette Owner Looking For A Terminator.

    Hey ! My names Sam and I've been a Mustang fan for a really really long time (I saw carrol at a car show when I was six, since then basically) but when I was 16 I bought a c4 corvette because horsepower was cheap. Man was it horrible. But now I want a terminator and can't afford a full one so...
  12. R

    Hello! Where Did This Cobra Ornament Come From?

    Hi all! I'm new here! My husband and I are reaching out to the Mustang community to help us solve a question that we've been debating for a while now and curiousity has gotten the best of us. This old cobra ornament has been in our possession for a long time and every once in a while, we...
  13. I

    97 Gt To 01 Cobra Swap

    Hello. I have a 97 Gt and I plan on doing a 01 Cobra swap. What do i need to make this work Thanks an advance
  14. C

    SOLD 2004 Mustang Cobra, 86k Miles, 602 Rwhp

    2004 mustang cobra for sale. Original owner, clean title no accidents, car has been well taken care of. 86k miles on the car total, 30k miles with the whipple. Price is $19,000 OBO. Please contact if you have any questions NO TRADES NO LOWBALLS serious buyers only please. Car is Located in...
  15. R

    94 Vert Gt Cobra Engine Plus Manual Swas Help

    What's up stang net peeps?! since the last time I posted here on stang net I've collected two more mustangs. a 94 V6 with an unfinished cobra engine and t5 swap that I have since pulled out and as of today dropped into a 94 mustang gt convertible with an auto trans. I pulled the Cobra out...
  16. F

    Progress Thread Is This 1997 Mustang Cobra Worth It?

    I've been looking for a project car for a while but haven't had any luck finding one. Until I came across this 1997 Cobra. I don't know much about mustangs especially the cobras, this is actually my first time ever posting on any kinds of forums. If anyone could give there honest opinion about...
  17. A

    Powersteering Rack Upgrade Questions!

    My car is wondering on the road and I have a steering wheel vibration at around 45-60 mph. The steering in general is just terrible. The passenger side wheel when jacked up has about an inch movement left and right. The tie rod end appears to be tight. The steering rack however is moving back...
  18. A

    Need Help :(

    I recently bought a 04 mach 1 with 38k miles and it ended up having a blown engine. My options are limited to a couple of things. Either attempt to re-build the mach motor , or buy an 03 rebuilt cobra motor without the supercharger. WHAT SHOULD I DO ? The motor was burned out in cylinders 7 & 8...
  19. MustangStephie

    New Member Here

    Hello everyone. I'm Stephanie. I just signed up to this site after my brother suggested I join a mustang forum. I became obsessed with mustangs towards the end of last year. My neighbor whom I barely know got me obsessed with mustangs. He moved to my neighborhood in 2013, and I saw his car go up...
  20. T

    Paint and Body Engine Bay Cracks

    Hey everyone. I'm new to the forums and trying to find my way as I go, so bear with me. (I tried searching all the threads before posting because I realize starting a new thread on something that's already been addressed is exceedingly frustrating, however I found nothing). I'm looking at buying...