1. fastang67

    For Sale 91 Mustang LX 5.0 Coupe 6-speed

    I built this car 20 years ago with intentions to auto cross but I paused it to start a family. 302 bored 0.040 over Kieth Black pistons, Ported Twisted wedge heads and Cobra intake, 24lb injectors, ECM Chip E303 Cam, electric water pump, dual fans (needs to be finished) MSD 6AL ignition...
  2. Mycelus

    SOLD [Minnesota] 2014 Ford Mustang GT | Grabber Blue | 6MT Coupe

    Up for sale is a 2014 Mustang GT in Grabber Blue. This car is a 6 speed, manual transmission, base trim. This car is modified, albeit slightly. Modifications are primarily cosmetic, along with the common things like exhaust, suspension, tint etc. All modifications are from reputable brands such...
  3. J

    What's it Worth? 93 coupe turbo

    93 LX coupe. I Daily drove it for a couple years before it went into paint. Nice car. 2.3L out of an SVO Mustang. Mild mods to a fully rebuilt stock engine (BNIB Ford replacement 020 pistons, etc). Has roughly 11,000 mi on the rebuild. Runs great. 5 speed manual. It is actually a V6...
  4. BudE_916

    WTB/Trade [WTB] 91-93 interior quarter panels for a Foxbody Coupe.

    My coupe is a 1993 with black interior. Color is not a big deal as I can spray over it with some good LMR paint. Located in Sacramento, CA and willing to pay for shipping. Thank you.
  5. R

    Preparing to Sell my 1993 coupe... what’s it worth?

    I have had my 1993 coupe since 2003. It has 86k original miles. Original 5 speed transmission. Bottom end is stock with AFR heads, Elderbrock intake, Motorsport supercharger, 42lb injectors, 70mm TB, mass air meter has been matched to all components configuration. Anderson Power Pipe, long tube...
  6. G

    What's it Worth? 65 Mustang coupe price, 289 C4 in MA

    I will be selling my 65 Coupe located in MA soon. Just waiting on a brake line kit from CSRP to wrap up the disc brake swap. Trying to determine fair asking price. Car has clean title (took me almost 2 years to get one after I purchased it about 10 years ago!). Original 289 2V and C4 car...
  7. C

    What's it Worth? 1989 LX 5.0 Coupe

    I'm looking at a 1989 coupe with only 27,000 miles (verified). It's a 5 spd with 3.08 gears and pretty much all original, with the only mods being Flowmaster mufflers and an a/c upgrade to R134a, plus window tint. There is no rust. The paint is original but far from perfect with chips. The rear...
  8. D

    1968 Mustang Coupe

    Hello to all. I have recently purchased a 1968 mustang coupe to restore. It’s a little rough around the edges but nothing that can’t be fixed. I was thinking about changing the paint color but also want to know if the current paint is desirable. Does anyone know how many 1968 mustang coupes were...
  9. T

    Exhaust Replacing cats with O/R x pipe and need a tuner

    I’m replacing my cats with an off road x pipe. My question is what type of tuner do I need to keep my CEL off when I remove my o2 sensors? Thanks
  10. P

    Speedometer doesn’t work 4.6 swapped

    my speedometer doesn’t work but every other gauge does on my 99gt cluster my car was a 2004 v6 swapped with a 99gt everything I don’t know how to fix this speedometer problem my obd2 read the car is going 17 kph max even when we are on the highway
  11. M

    02 mustang misfire

    I've been having this problem ever since I bought this mustang I changed few stuff, but I still have it. Hopefully you guys can help. I have a mustang 2002 3.8L coupe and it has the weirdest misfires at times. In the morning when the engine is cold It starts perfectly and It has no problems what...
  12. R

    My new 66 mustang

    So I bought a 66 Mustang and I have plans to modernize it a bit,It's a stock 6cyl 200 with a 3-speed. I'm trying to upgrade most of it's components over time as I have access to a workshop for free. One of the main things that I'm trying to switch out is the transmission, that 3-speed is not...
  13. B

    For Sale For Sale 1993 Mustang SSP Coupe

    I am ready to part with my 1993 Mustang SSP Coupe. The car was Florida State Police Highway Patrol from Orlando, I crossed the numbers from the buck tags through a SSP site prior to my purchase of the car in 2009. The buck tags are still on the car, however some years ago I discovered they...
  14. K

    What's it Worth? Seeking rough valuation on manual 1967 Coupe w/ 351 Windsor

    Hi all, As title says, I'm seeking a rough valuation on this 1967 Ford Mustang coupe that is a manual (reportedly 5-speed) and has a 351 Windsor engine in it. Unfortunately I'm still waiting to hear back on mileage. Exterior is in good shape and interior is decent. I have attached pictures. I...
  15. A

    98 coupe dome/map bulb size

    looking to switch from stock to LED dome/map bulbs. What bulbs do I need???? The owners manual says “t3”, one chart online says I need 168/912 for the maps, 562/906 for the dome. I’m getting mixed signals. If anyone can definitively tell me what led bulbs I need for my dome/maps that would be...
  16. N

    SOLD Supercharged 1989 SSP Coupe $13,500 obo

    1989 ex Texas Department of Public Safety Special Service Package coupe, verified by buck tags and VIN on the VIN project list. H/C/I/SC, TKO600, 31 spline axles, Tweecer RT. Lots of pics: My goal for the build of the...
  17. T

    For Sale 1993 Coupe V8 Swap Project

    1993 foxbody coupe. No rust, clean title. Was originally 4 cylinder automatic. I already swapped to manual pedals and the motor and transmission is in. Basically just needs to be wired and new fuel lines ran to be running. The motor is a reman shortblock from Late Model Resto, with their stage 1...
  18. Nick Bos

    Camber Keeps Readjusting Itself...

    Hey fellow stangers! I've been noticing that on my 1970 mustang coupe (stock 302), the camber will every now and then become really positive. And noticing this I usually turn the steering wheel around (if parked) or gently hit a bump (if moving) to kinda reset it back to it original...
  19. M

    1989 4 Cyl Manual To 5.0 With 1993 5.0 Manual Donor Car

    Hi, So I have a 1989 4 cylinder notchback manual that I will be converting to a 5.0 using a 1993 5.0 manual donor car. My question is what is the best way to tackle down the wiring with this situation. I know that 89 and 93 mustangs have very different wiring diagrams and pcms. Also since they...
  20. arkelley77

    1967 Coupe Restoration

    Hi guys! I'm restoring a 1967 Coupe with the help of a mechanic, and this is where I will post any questions and maybe eventually some pictures.