1. DadLife0724

    Engine TDC @ 30 degrees?

    Started digging into my 92 I just bought. Was overfueling and misfiring. Decided to adjust timing first. Realized the distributor seemed to be installed wrong. Didn't have enough adjustment. Was hitting fuel rail. Found TDC on harmonic balancer and installed distributor. Car ran like crap...
  2. H

    For Sale MSD 6AL, Distributor, and extras (Menasha, WI)

    MSD 6AL - PN 6420 New in box - $300 MSD Pro Billet Distributor PN 8456 new in box - $400 MSD to Ford TFI Wiring harness - $20 Used Blaster TFI Ignition Coil PN 8227 - $20 Located in Menasha, WI
  3. 95dustang

    Engine 95 GT stalling issue

    Howdy, my 95 is stalling with the clutch in, or in gear going down the road, seemingly at random, and it also doesn't start sometimes. I have a check engine code, 157, which is MAF sensor. Replaced the MAF, code persists, I'm thinking it might be a wiring issue, I checked all my grounds and...
  4. M

    Engine Dies And Backfires At Wot

    1993 Mustang LX 5.0 manual. This is my son’s first car. It is a father/son project. It was wrecked in the front pretty bad when he bought it. We restored it ourselves and it is his daily driver. It was said to been bored .40 over. No records provided of build. It runs and idles well. The problem...
  5. Zsn95harris


    So I got a whole ignition system for free from a guy after I bought some stuff from him, it's a MSD knock off system that has everything, it has a distributor (cap, rotor, distributor), has a force ignition control box the RL-2 has multi spark, 2 step you name it, then I got a coil as well, now...
  6. plantmeister

    Car Jerking/losing Power After First Starting To Drive

    When I first start the car, its good and gets going fine. I drive it for about a minute, whether it's cold or warm already, and then it starts shuddering and jerking and losing power, like it's going to stall. If I gas it, it hesitates and eventually pulls itself out of it. It does this for...
  7. P

    Starter And Distributor Went Out?? Help Please

    hey guys, i was driving my 89 vert last week, car started to misfire and wast responsive from the gas pedal, i figured it was the distributor, i pulled over and the car idled fine, but once i shut it off, it wouldn't turn over. i just get a fast click from the starter. I dont want to just put...
  8. Megan Johnson

    Help! Can't Get My Distributor Back In!

    So I have an arp oil oump shaft in my 302 and I had my distributor on it already but then I decided that the old distributor wasn't preforming as it should so I got a new one.. but i can't seem to get it to slip over the shaft... I just tried the bread method and seems like it's going over the...
  9. stang89bidges

    Engine Pcv Valve, Battery Ground, Ford Tfi Ignition Explained

    If this has already been posted before my apologies, but this guy explains what you SHOULD do with your PCV valve after modifications, ESPECIALLY if your blown! Explanation starts at 19:55. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmimUZ0hjeA
  10. B

    Help. Deafening Whining Noise

    I just swapped my upper and lower intake with a 94-95 cobra U & L. After I got everything put together and started it up it made this extremely loud whining noise. It's hard to pinpoint the noise because of the loudness but I suspect the distributor perhaps. Symptoms: idles around 3k until it...