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  1. J

    Electrical what speed sensor eletrical wire is for?

    hi . i have a 89 5.0 with no mass air flow sensor t5 and the electrical wire of my speed sensor is cut , what is the purpose of these wire? ty
  2. T

    For Sale 01 SVT Cobra OEM Export Tail Light Wiring Harnesses w/5 Pin Connector

    $360 shipped Lafayette, IN I'm selling my set of 2001 Cobra export style tail light wiring harnesses that have the additional bulb socket for the amber turn signals. Ford OEM parts. They're in great condition and full working order. 5 pin connector intact with all socket seals, mount pins, and...
  3. D

    Sn95 engine harness connector pinout

    Im currently trying to simplify the harness from the ecu(microsquirt) to the engine harness. But i have not had any luck finding the pin out information for the 16 pin connector for the engine harness. If anyone has any information on it it would be of great help
  4. C

    Electrical Car not recharging !!!!!

    MUSTANG GT 1995 5.0 automatic Yes I’ve seen a lot of similar problems being posted but mine is insane and can not fix the problem!!! This all happened not too long ago as soon as I stopped on the first red light after exiting freeway my car died, before any of this happened I had previously...
  5. 9

    Electrical 91 LX/electrical question

    Quick question. Yesterday I went to start my car is it began to smoke and wouldn’t start. I found a wire that was melted. (Green wire) When I found the wire it was split in half, which leads me to believe it was never connected. I cut the wire and taped it off and then the car started right up...
  6. S

    Electrical Dorman 620-104 Contour fan and connectors

    Which connectors are you guys using to plug into each fan? I bought the dorman ones that are supposed to plug into each fan. They plug in nicely, but they don't make a solid connection. When you let go of the connector it isn't seated far enough and doesn't make a solid connection. Plus they...
  7. akaNYr

    Auto Guard Connection

    I have a '95 Mustang 5.0 GT SN95. While searching for the OBD1 connection I found another connection outlet that says 'AUTO GUARD'. It's below the steering column under the dash. Does anyone know what this is for? What connects to It? Thanx for any help. Sorry about the side ways picture.